Grade 9 hosts record number of events

Grade 9 hosts record number of events

Eli Nilson Staff Writer

The freshman class has had four bonding events so far this year, with plans for a fifth event currently being put together.

Grade 9 students worked with their Student Council (StuCo) representatives and Grade 9 Dean Neil Basu to deliver these experiences. “Most of the ideas [for the social events] originated from StuCo in conversation with me about [social events] that had happened in the past,” Basu said.  “I think the class in general and not just the StuCo members had a desire to have social events.”

Being a freshman in high school comes with all of the challenges that come with being in a new environment. Seeing this, Grade 9 StuCo representative Mateo Farina (’21) wanted to help students overcome them.“Ninth graders are new and it’s hard to be together and to have school spirit because you’re new to everything,” he said.

Emma Whitman (’21) believes that these events helped fulfill the desire to create unity amongst the freshman class. It was nice to be with our grade because in high school we’re not really with our grade,” she said. “It’s nice to go back to our base group.”

The first event was a relaxed movie night at the beginning of the school year. The freshmen watched the comedy “She’s The Man” and 80 out of 127 students in the class attended the event. “The movie night was a really good way for everyone to have fun at the beginning of the year,” Grade 9 StuCo representative Micaella Lavi (’21) said.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“[The formal] brought huge success and everyone in the grade enjoyed the event,” she said. “It was a nice way to end the first semester.”[/perfectpullquote]

The second event was a winter formal in December, where approximately 100 students attended. “I really liked the social,” Whitman said.

Agreeing with Whitman, Lavi believes “[The formal] brought huge success and everyone in the grade enjoyed the event,” she said. “It was a nice way to end the first semester.”

Along with another movie night, the annual underclassmen event with the sophomores, Bounce, was held on May 4. The event had a tropical theme and carnival themed games along with food and drinks were provided by StuCo.

This year, the freshman class had an end-of-school social event called Fauxchella which took place on June 1 after school. This event was similar to the one at the end of the first semester, except that the theme is Coachella/Festival.

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