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Encouraging guest writers


As stated in our mission statement, The Standard’s primary aim is to create a “collaborative, open forum that cultivates productive dialogue.” With this statement as the cornerstone of our publication, we encourage all students, faculty and staff to take on the role of a guest writer.

We strive to be an open platform for those outside our staff and to represent all viewpoints of our community. To ensure this goal is being met, this year the Editorial Board has put a new system in place: approximately every month, The Standard will host an open lunch in P-101. All members of the community are invited to drop in, share feedback on our print and online editions, as well as offer story ideas and potential guest pieces.

Aside from attending this meeting, to write a guest piece, we encourage members of the community to approach anyone on our staff with ideas they may have. There is no writing or journalistic experience required, and all guest writers have the opportunity to work closely with an editor in the development of their piece. Even if it is simply a rough idea, we will work alongside guest writers to transform it into an article ready for publication, either on our print or online platform. We are here to guide everyone through the process of writing and provide support in whatever manner is applicable. We want to help the community produce content that they want to share – whether it’s a political viewpoint, an art review or a call to action within the High School.

In terms of suggestions, our website and social media platforms also provide the community an opportunity to give feedback through the comment options. We are willing and eager to hear people’s opinions and critiques. The Standard is for the community, and we are always looking to hear and incorporate advice and criticism from our readers to improve as a publication.

We are a staff of 42 writers and editors, and although we all contribute to the publication, our publication is incomplete when we’re missing the voices of the High School.

In the upcoming semester, we urge all members of the community to engage in productive conversation through our available outlets. We want to ensure that everyone feels welcome to share their voice through reviews, columns and commentaries, regardless of whether their opinions align with those of the Editorial Board.

Please feel free to contact any of the editors, whether it be through email, a meeting, or an informal conversation, if you would like to make a contribution to the publication. We strongly encourage everyone who is willing and open to sharing their ideas with us to do so. You can also reach us by emailing or stopping by our classroom, P-101, during one of our open lunches every month. We are looking forward to further engaging with the community and becoming a platform truly representative of everyone.

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