Next year’s Student Council President and Vice President Announced

Jonathan Novak,  News Editor: Online

As students headed home Thursday afternoon, members of the Student Council began voting on what is now going to be next year’s leadership team. The newest Student Council president and vice-president are Natalie Vann (’20) and Lucas Romualdo (’20) respectively.

In response to her election, Vann is looking forward to her new role. “I’m really excited to lead the council and be a representation of our school,” she said.

Going forward, Vann hopes to help the school with projects that she is currently working on as well as starting new big picture tasks. “I want to continue the ventures that I started this year by helping to renovate the social studies and English pods and helping to reform the code of conduct,” she said.

Furthermore, Vann also wants to use her role to elevate the over wellbeing and mental outlook of the school. “I also just want to increase the spirit and the general environment by giving it a happier, more positive atmosphere.”

Vann will take over the role of ex-president Lily Noel (’19) and Romualdo will take over the role of ex-vice-president Caroline Harms (’19) at the culmination of the meeting.

The rest of the leadership team is as follows:

President: Natalie Vann (‘20)

Vice-President: Lucas Romualdo (‘20)

Secretary: Maya Bajpai (‘20)

Public Relations: Micaella Lavi (‘21)

Treasurer: After a tie, StuCo is still in discussion. Updates to follow once announced.