Students should have more choice in shaping advisory


Vittoria del Balzo di Presenzano Staff Writer

It is about time that the administration finds a way to provide students with an advisory program that offers them the support they need in a more efficient and resourceful way.

There have been many modifications and alterations to the program since it was first introduced in the 2015-2016 school year. For example, students had the choice of whether they wanted to keep the same advisor throughout their entire high school year or change to a better fit for them. The focus of advisory also shifted from bonding as a group to having more one on one mandatory meetings with the student’s respective advisor.

Although some of these changes were made to request of the students, as time goes on and classes graduate, the following grades can disagree with the past changes made. Rather than reflecting at the end of the year, it would be more beneficial to have an assembly at the beginning of the year where students may express their opinion on the current advisory system to the school and decide if there are any significant changes that are thought to be necessary by the student body.

Advisory was born as a support system for students and a program they could rely on, so it is only fair that we shape it to please them.

Advisory is essentially a time slot on Tuesdays and Thursdays where students come together to meet with their advisory group and advisory teacher. This program was designed to help students be guided through their high school experience and to have a teacher tasked with  “keeping track” of their academic progress and development. However, that said, I believe that that this time slot could be used more efficiently, and that advisory takes away from our “free time” that we could use to talk to teachers, do work, or take time to relax amid the busyness of the day. Although Advisory groups only meet twice a week for a limited amount of time, many, like myself, find it to be a waste of time.

In light of these obstacles that Advisory has faced throughout the years, I think there could be a solution that would ameliorate the reputation of Advisory in the eyes of the students as well as being effective. I think teachers should be “assigned” to a group of students to help guide and support throughout the year. However, instead of there being two weekly check-in’s, students should be given the freedom to rely on this teacher whenever it suits them best. This could be whether they’re in need of talking, in difficulty, or any other matter they please to discuss with them. Then, there would be mandatory meetings only when there are announcements or activities that are necessary and should be done with the rest of the group. I think this could offer students the freedom they deserve.

Currently, students are required to attend advisory twice a week. Many of them often do not show up because they are in need of sleep or they have more pressing things to do, hurting their attendance record. Advisory is treated as a “course” and I think that is one of the factors that put off students from attending. This is the reason I believe giving students the freedom to decide for themselves would be more beneficial and productive for both them and teachers.

These are the changes that I think would be essential to make to the advisory program and that would please most of the student body. Advisory was born as a support system for students and a program they could rely on, so it is only fair that we shape it to please them.