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Beijing Dumpling: A piece of China in the heart of London

The bargain restaurant for anyone who loves authentic Chinese food with the cosy atmosphere to match.
Lily Whitman

Walking into Beijing Dumpling, I was greeted by the sweet smell of dumplings and a warm, appealing restaurant space. The homey feel of the restaurant and the open kitchen made me feel comfortable amid the delicious aroma of Chinese food and billowing steam from the kitchen. 

Beijing Dumpling is located in the heart of Chinatown, about five minutes from Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, on Lisle Street. The restaurant setting is in close seating quarters, and even though there is not ample space, there are lots of tables close to one another, which makes the setting feel a little bit cramped. However, all aspects of the inside of the restaurant, including the wooden atmosphere, makes it feel like an authentic Chinese restaurant and a calming setting overall. 

The overall atmosphere was great, apart from the awkward seating, the food was terrific. I ordered the Chicken Xiao Long Biao, which were chicken soup dumplings and expected the dumplings to be too hot and soggy, but when I actually tasted them, the flavor was perfectly balanced and delicious. The chicken was excellently flavored with vegetables and broth, and the dumplings were buttery and delightful. The Chicken Fried Rice was also amazing. The rice wasn’t too dry, nor too oily, and the egg and chicken were a perfect combination for the rice. The Fried Noodles with Bean Sprouts were delicious; I piled the noodles on top of the rice, which, although it was starchy, was amazing. I don’t have enough words to describe how delicious the homemade noodles, chicken fried rice, and dumplings were, and there was nothing negative about the food. 

Chicken Xiao Long Biao at Beijing Dumpling

One of the best aspects of the restaurants was the low prices for such high-quality food. I ordered 4 plates of food, and the price only came out to £26.20, £12.40 for two orders of Chicken Xiao Long Bao dumplings, £5.20 for the Fried Noodles with Bean Sprouts, and £6.20 for the Chicken Fried Rice, and a 10% service charge as well. The taste of the food is well worth the low price, and is excellent for a group lunch, or if you want to pick up dumplings for yourself. 

The restaurant’s atmosphere was fantastic, and the food exceeded all the expectations that I had. The food was buttery and impeccable in terms of seasoning. It was absolutely fantastic. Overall, I would rate the restaurant a five out of five, as the atmosphere combined with the outstanding and homely feel of the food, Beijing Dumpling is definitely worth a visit. 

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Lily Whitman, Sports Editor: Print Emeritus
Lily Whitman (’20) is the Sports Editor: Print Emeritus for the second year in a row. This will be her third year writing for The Standard. Whitman is an avid fan of the Colorado Rockies, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Fulham FC.  She is also a student-athlete playing softball, field hockey, and crew.

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