Gas line under construction outside Waverley Place entrance


John Towfighi

Workers dig down to access the gas line that is currently clogged. They are working to replace the current metal gas line with one made of plastic. The work is scheduled to be done by the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 19.

Workers are fixing a clogged gas line that leads to the kitchen outside the Waverley Place entrance. 

Director of Operations Jim Heynderickx said that the current gas line is metal, which caused the clog. Workers are replacing it with a plastic tube to restore the gas to the kitchen. 

For lunch, the catering crew was unable to use the gas reliant cooking items, so they set up a barbecue outside of the commons to cook chicken. 

Heynderickx said that the affected gas line was a secondary one that supplies the kitchen, which is why the school still has heat.

Because of the closure, after school buses to pick up students will be stationed at the Loudoun entrance.

The work is scheduled to be finished by the end of the day Saturday, Oct. 19.