Crew team rows at Head of the Charles Regatta


The Crew team participated in the Head of the Charles Regatta (HOCR) Oct. 20. 

The ASL team consisted of a boys coxed quad, (Omar Ben-Gacem (’20), Jack Wilkin (’20), Dylan Moran (’21), Elliot Clyde (’21) and Pete Grieg (’20)) and a girls coxed quad (Margot Wiest (’21), Claire Graham (’21), Anna Duffy (’21), Noor Zalt (’20) and Alice Bake (’20)) which finished 30th and 27th respectively.  

The boys quad finished with a time of 17:25.142 and the girls quad finished with a time of 19:52.474

The ASL team raced in the HOCR just two weeks after competing in the Pairs Head doubles scull event in London. 

Ben-Gacem said the training for the Pairs Head and the training for the HOCR were different because they used different types of boat, with different amount of people in each. The HOCR was a four-person boat with a cox, whereas the Pairs Head only had a boat with two people in each. 

 “Overall, both teams made massive changes and we adjusted well to the new challenges,” he said. “Because both teams finished in the top half of the competition, we all felt pretty good.”

The team will be participating in the Head of the River – Star Rowing Club Nov. 17.