Students to participate in Community Service Day Oct. 27


Photo Courtesy of ASL News

From left to right: Jack Wilkin (‘20) and Margot Sarfas (‘20) plant bulbs at Kentish Town City Farm during the last year’s Community Service Day March 31. Sunday, Oct. 26, 345 students, faculty and parents are planning to participate in this year’s event.

Lucas Romualdo, News Editor: Online

The biannual ASL Community Service Day will be held Oct. 27. In total, 345 students, faculty, and parents have signed up to participate at 13 different community centers and charitable organizations throughout London. 

Director of Community Action Brandon Block said that this year, the event will include two new organizations: PACE Fortune Green, a center for children in West Hampstead, and England’s Lane hostel, which is “the largest residential center for homeless families in London.” 

Much of the work done at Community Service Day is maintenance based, helping organizations in London who have a lack of financial support.

“Community Service Day makes a huge difference because many of these organizations have very little funding,” Block said. “A lot of the organizations are under huge economic pressure, and they are unable, in many cases, to do the kind of maintenance that we can do for them.”

Much of the work done during the day deals with improving the spaces that these organizations operate in, which Block said is particularly important. 

“If you go to a place as a client, and that place is run-down, or it’s not beautiful, that’s depressing, and it makes you think that you’re not valued,” Block said. “We’re able to make a place beautiful and welcoming; that’s really important for all the people that work at that organization and all the people that go to that organization.”

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