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    Jambalaya hosts annual Jamoween trade

    Leah Elliott
    Students exchange art for sweet treats at the Jamoween trade on Oct. 31. The Jambalaya Literary Magazine hosts the annual event to garner community submissions and connect with contributors.

    The Jambalaya literary magazine is calling on artists and gourmands to participate in Jamoween from Oct. 31 to Nov. 1.

    Jamoween is the first of several Jambalaya trades that will take place over the course of the school year. The idea of the trade is similar to a bake sale– only instead of exchanging treats for money, Jambalaya trade goods are exchanged for art. 

    Jamoween has been an annual tradition for the Jambalaya staff for several years. 

    Jambalya Editor Daya Benami (’20) said that the trades in previous years have met their goals of receiving work. However, this year, they hope to go beyond last year’s work and connect more with contributors so they continue to submit throughout the year.

    It has always been very successful, and we hope that this year will be the same. We also hope that through the trades we can reach out to people and establish a form of communication to encourage them to submit more work throughout the year,”  Benami said. “This year, we are definitely trying to improve consistent communication with artists.”

    As a submission-based publication, Jambalaya relies on the contributions of students for their magazine’s content. 

    “We keep having Jam trades because it encourages and incentivizes people to submit their work,” Benami said. “While anyone can email us with art or writing submissions at any time during the year, we get the majority from the bake sales, so it’s proven to be very helpful.”

    Leah Elliott

    As the editors are currently making their preparations for Jamoween; booking the table, finalizing which of the staff will bring treats, and publicizing the event on their social media.

    “Jamoween is not the only holiday we hold Jam Trades on, but the timing works for our first trade of the year, because it is relatively early and happens after we have built our staff and sorted out roles,” Benami said. “It is also just fun to have it on a holiday because we can advertise it in a fun way … it gives us an occasion.”

    Benami said anyone is welcome to participate in the Jam Trade and all they need to do is go to the table at Top Orange and email the Jambalaya staff any work they would like to exchange for food.

    “The goal is, as always, to get as many submissions from as many different people as possible, so we can incorporate different voices and showcase everyone’s different talents,” Benami said.

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