New end-of-semester schedule begins


Graphic by Jonathan Novak

Here is what the schedule for the week of Dec. 9 to 13 looks like. The goal of the schedule was to minimize stress for students and add more time for students to conference with teachers.

Gabriel Romualdo , Staff Writer

As the first semester of this school year comes to a close, the school has added a new schedule for the last week of the semester.

In the schedule, students are given several hours of conference time each day. There will be two classes each school day that are longer than usual (1 hour and 30 minutes long) to make space for assessments. The schedule spans four days, from Tuesday to Friday, covering each of the students’ periods 1-8 classes once in the entire week.

In an email to faculty, Assistant Principal Jaworski established reducing stress and giving students and teachers more community time to be together as the reason for this new schedule change. The email further explains that the changed schedule offers students more time to study, and teachers more time to grade.

The classes in each day end at 12:45 p.m., providing students with the option to leave school hours early as the last class of the day ends. Due to the regular early release schedule, classes on Wednesday will end at 12:30 p.m.

Dexter James (‘23) said that he feels the new schedule is beneficial. 

“I think that [the schedule] creates a good conclusion to the end of the year in that teachers have enough time to wrap up any points which they want to make clear, and the extra time for seeing teachers, and for actually taking the tests,” he said.

James also remarked on the idea that this new schedule helps limit student’s end-of-semester stress. 

“[This makes it] less stressful in general as you have an opportunity to clarify any remaining questions or queries you may have on the subject matter which you are being tested upon,” he said.

The new schedule for the last week starts tomorrow, Dec. 10.