Freshmen granted open campus privileges


Imogen Weiss

Freshmen leave campus during lunch. Grade 9 students were granted off-campus privileges starting the week before second semester.

Gabrielle Meidar, Staff Writer

During the final week of the first semester, Grade 9 was allowed open campus for the first time. 

Due to trash left behind by students during lunch time, Grade 9 Dean Duncan Pringle temporarily closed their week of open campus until they could prove that they could play their part in the community. While students were restricted to only eating in the commons, they started to clean up after themselves and treated the school with more respect. 

“The students had demonstrated that they could look out for each other and communal areas,” Pringle said. 

Students were allowed to leave campus that week during their lunch time and afternoon conference time. Georgia LaScala (‘23) appreciated the option to go off campus during free time.

“The off campus experience went really well, and I think a lot of people benefited from having that freedom,” she said.

The first week back at school, Computer Science Teacher Kent Collins’ advisory was given off campus privileges since they had won the Grade 9 pumpkin carving competition at the beginning of the year. 

Yesterday, Grade 9 students were able to experience this opportunity, which will then continue on until the end of the year. Students are permitted to leave during both conference time and lunch time.

Sam Smadi (‘23) said that going off campus is beneficial for students.

 “It is more convenient because you have more freedom instead of staying in school the whole time. I’m excited for this to be a normality,” he said.