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What to do during lockdown

Jonathan Novak
Culture Editor: Online Grace Hamilton shares a number of different suggestions for how to spend the summer in London while in lockdown.

Being under lockdown during spring break, the last long holiday of the academic year, was not necessarily the way that most envisioned spending the week. However, on the bright side, it was also an opportunity for students to peacefully study for AP exams and many in the community to spend quality time with family at home. Although things may still seem slow while the government continues to encourage individuals to self-isolate, below are a few things to make time seem like it is racing forward. 

A book you can’t put down:

You Are an Artist by Sarah Urist Green

Just days into its time on the market, Sarah Urist Green’s “You Are an Artist” has already struck a chord with readers as it ranks as the #1 New Release in the Pop Culture Art category on “You Are an Artist” is unique in its ability to give readers an insight into the thought processes behind works by current successful artists, and, what’s more, allows the reader to recreate the style used by these artists. With clear step-by-step instructions and simple tips to take the reader’s recreation further, this book is suited for anyone, regardless of their artistic ability – all that is needed is a perspective and basic materials that can likely already be found at home. “You Are an Artist” is something that is needed more than ever, as its interactivity can bring family members together due to the simplicity of the included activities.


A must-see movie:

Le Mans ’66

“Le Mans ’66” captures the unfaltering drive of a duo determined to cross the finish line first at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Played by world-renowned actors Matt Damon and Christian Bale respectively, car designer Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles are tasked by the automotive giant Ford to build a new racing car when the standard racing car competing at Le Mans in France was made by Ferrari. The film features an intense main pair that shows passion for their craft by having to invest in battling Ford, who often intervenes with their work and challenges them along the way. This double-Oscar-winning film continues to boast high ratings, such as how it currently holds a spot on the list of 250 Top Rated Films list on It certainly deserves to continue to receive praise as it was easily one of the most thrilling films of 2019, as “Le Mans ’66” showcased as much drama away from the cars as it did when the characters were actually behind the wheel. 


Top song releases of the week:

  1. The Key To Life On Earth – Declan McKenna
  2. Bigger Love – John Legend
  3. I Dare You – Kelly Clarkson


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Raunak Lally, Culture Editor: Online Emeritus
Raunak Lally (’20) is the Culture Editor: Online Emeritus. In her junior year, she was a staff writer and was just as dedicated then as she is now to the Culture section of The Standard. She is committed to her community partnership as she wants to explore and connect more with others in her community. She enjoys creative writing as much as journalistic writing, and loves completing math problems as much as completing an article.
Jonathan Novak, Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online Emeritus
Jonathan Novak (’20) is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online Emeritus of The Standard. He joined The Standard as a staff writer as a freshman and previously was the Sports Editor. He likes writing and exploring issues in the school and the professional sports world. Novak is involved in the varsity soccer and track teams. His favorite subjects are math and science. Novak has lived in London for his entire life and been at ASL since K-1.

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