Climate change

Democratic nominee Joe Biden “knows there is no greater challenge facing our country and our world” than climate change. He plans to transition the U.S. to a 100% clean energy economy by 2050. He also vowed to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords. Biden promised to ensure that people in disenfranchised communities are not put in greater danger due to the implications of climate change.  –


Though Biden is not in favor of decriminalizing border crossings, he said that immigrants seeking asylum from their country of origin should be assisted upon entering the U.S. If elected, Biden’s first course of action in regards to immigration would be to undo family separations at the border, which was a key tenet of the Trump administration’s immigration policy. Biden also promised to strengthen border control in a way that does not promote violence and discrimination against asylum seekers and does not propel stereotypes against minorities.  –

Gun control

To address gun violence, Biden plans to battle the National Rifle Association by limiting their power. Biden also intends to ban the online purchasing and selling of arms, as well as implementing stronger regulation to prevent people who are not mentally fit to own firearms. Moreover, Biden has promised to allocate more funding to extensive background checks and gun-owning licenses. –


Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan would invest a total of $700 billion into the American economy that would focus on the purchase of domestically-made goods. This would create five million new jobs as a result, with wages no lower than $15 per hour. He also promises investment to overhaul infrastructure and energy systems in the U.S. for modernization and sustainability. –