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Weekly Briefing – Dec. 7

Cameron Spurr
Lead News Editor Cameron Spurr and News Editor: Online Sajah Ali break down the most important school events this week.

Writer’s Seminar hosts group reading

This year’s Writer’s Seminar will host their first reading via Zoom Dec. 8 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

12 students will be sharing their creative writing pieces that they have developed over the past two weeks under the counselling of Writer-in-Residence Ben Faccini. 

Member of the Writer’s Seminar Owen Humpries (’22) said he has mixed feelings about sharing his writing with the wider community. 

“Obviously, I’m quite anxious about it and a little nervous, but that being said, I’m quite excited to kind of show what we’ve done this semester,” he said. 

Furthermore, Humpries said he looks forward to sharing his work with the greater community and growing in his writing capabilities. 

“Reading our work to the community is hopefully not only for their enjoyment, but also for our growth, and just kind of to really show how we’re improving,” he said. 

Access the reading through this Zoom link. (Note: only those with an ASL Google account will be able to access the meeting.)

Investment Club welcomes Julien Sevaux to speak

The ASL Investment Club, led by Chairman Jeh Vandrevala (’21), will host a Zoom discussion after school Dec. 9 with CEO of Eighteen48 Partners Julien Sevaux, a research-focused private investment office.

With over 25 years of experience in public and private markets, Vandrevala said Sevaux will discuss how research is conducted to make strategic asset allocation decisions that reflect their convictions around specific investment ideas and global economic outlook. 

He said participants will learn about “how people allocate their portfolio to ensure that many different facets affecting the global economy are being considered.”

Vandrevala said learning from experts in the investment field is important as they share a perspective that the news does not provide. 

“Being able to have face-to-face interaction with these leading investors is truly an unparalleled opportunity,” he said. “Students should attend our event with Mr. Sevaux because it is not only for learning about the field of investments, but also the economy as a whole, geopolitical issues and what a career in finance could look like.”

Due to the school’s COVID-19 regulations, he said many of the club’s in-person activities have been suspended, such as workplace visits, but speaker events and stock debates will occur via Zoom in the meantime. 

“Being on Zoom has not been the same as being in-person, but it’s definitely still a really nice way to learn about the field of investing,” he said.

The Zoom link will be available in upcoming morning announcements. 

Grade 11 students organize holiday cards for the elderly

Claire Courbage (’22) and Lydia Lisanti (’22) started an initiative that sends holiday cards to residents in local care homes. 

Students and faculty members will have the opportunity to write festive holiday cards to the elderly during advisory this week, as well as during their free time through the link in the announcements

Courbage said she and Lisanti were inspired to start this project after reflecting on how the pandemic has impacted the elderly, who were largely prohibited from seeing visitors.

“We were really lucky to have our families in the lockdown, and Lydia and I were kind of talking about, people can’t see their families and how hard that must have been for them, as well as the people that are still quarantining and suffering because of risk factors,” she said.  

Ultimately, Courbage said she hopes these cards will make the elderly feel appreciated and cared for during these unprecedented times.

“The whole point is to bring some joy to these people and for them to know that they’re not, like, alone because it’s probably really hard for them,” she said.

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About the Contributors
Sajah Ali
Sajah Ali, Sports Editor: Online
Sajah Ali (’22) is the Sports Editor: Online for The Standard. This is her third year as a part of the newspaper, and she enjoys writing on a variety of topics specifically in the News, Sports and Opinions sections. She likes journalism because it gives her the opportunity to learn more about the ASL community and inform others at the same time. Outside of The Standard, she enjoys playing soccer, participating in the Social Justice Council, and mentoring kids in the SHINE program. 
Amber de Saint-Exupéry
Amber de Saint-Exupéry, Opinions Editor: Online
Amber de Saint-Exupéry (’22) is the Opinions Editor: Online and has been writing for The Standard since Grade 10. She enjoys the art of constructing arguments to engage, persuade and perhaps enlighten readers on a fresh perspective. Outside the newsroom, she loves to play tennis and cook.
Cameron Spurr
Cameron Spurr, Editor-in-Chief
Cameron Spurr (’22) is the Editor-in-Chief of The Standard. He joined staff in Grade 9 as a staff writer and became News Editor: Print the following year. In Grade 11, Spurr was the Lead News Editor. He found a passion for journalism early in high school, and always strives to be a quality source of information for his readers.

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