Queen’s Ice Rink creates the quintessential winter experience


Anna Reznick

Queen’s House opens its seasonal ice rink despite necessary COVID adaptations. Staff Writer Anna Reznick reviews her experience at the rink.

Anna Reznick, Staff Writer

In a city that never snows, getting into the winter spirit can sometimes be difficult. Yet, when surrounded by the sound of skates on ice and seasonal songs, it was impossible not to feel the joy of winter at Queen’s Ice Rink. 

With tickets for adults ranging from £14.50 to £17.00, and £7.25 to £9.00 for children aged three to 15, skating at Queen’s House Ice Rink is an inexpensive way to escape the confines of COVID and remember what the winter activities entail.

Skate sizes range from childrens’ 8 to adults’ 14 UK, offering everyone in the family an opportunity to join in. Skate sessions last for 45 minutes, however, it is requested that skaters arrive early in order to hit the ice on time. Sessions are available from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and run from Dec. 5 to Jan. 24, meaning that there is plenty of time left to enjoy the stunning views and seasonal fun. 

After an hour’s worth of traffic, waiting in a long line was neither ideal nor expected. However, I quickly realized the line was due to social distancing rules and the extra time was a result of the requirement to check temperatures upon entry. Further COVID precautions included hand sanitizers scattered around the tent and signs reminding everyone to keep distanced from each other. Although masks were not required once on the ice, the majority of skaters wore them anyway. 

Due to the hour-long car journey and waiting in the seemingly never-ending line, finally stepping onto the ice felt like releasing a huge breath. The violet snowflake lights dancing across the ice created a dream-like reality, and the stunning view of Queen’s House was almost surreal. Cheerful holiday music accompanied the skaters, the graceful ambience only slightly ruined by the occasional skater crashing into the barrier. 

As someone with limited skating experience, the ice can be daunting, but staff members were on hand to make sure everyone skated in the correct direction and refrained from attempting any wild tricks. If a skater was truly struggling, staff were quick to help them get back up and reach the rail. While my own skating experience is almost nonexistent, the rest of my family are all capable skaters and found their own bubbles in which they could happily coast around the rink. 

After months locked up either in school or at home, skating at Queen’s Ice Rink was a gift of normalcy, and a moment of perfectly encapsulated winter spirit.