First Zoom student-parent-teacher conferences provide opportunities to reflect on learning


Cameron Spurr

Student-parent-teacher conferences took place for the first time over Zoom Feb. 25 and 26, and will continue March 1. Students were given a chance to reflect on their progress in class with both their teachers and parents present.

Nick Zirinis, Staff Writer

The High School conducted the first online student-parent-teacher conferences Feb. 25 and 26, which will continue March 1. Alongside their parents, students discussed with their teachers regarding their performance in class. 

Although parent-teacher conferences took place online in October 2020, this has been a new experience for students as they did not attend the previous parent-teacher conferences. 

Ysabel Rasetta Moini (’23) said while the online conferences were adequate, she would have preferred in-person conferences.

“It would have been more enjoyable and a bit more meaningful had we actually done them in person,” she said. “Because we’re talking about something important, like grades.” 

Rasetta Moini said students were lucky to have conferences over Zoom instead of none at all, but was indeed quite frustrated that they did not take place in person.

“The fact that we weren’t really connecting with our teachers was upsetting,” she said.