StuCo elects new officers for coming year, setting sights on spirit


Lea George

Adnan Bseisu (’22) and Maddie Wilin (’22) were elected president and vice president of StuCo March 4. The elections took place over Zoom and the final results were decided by the StuCo representatives.

Spencer Towfighi, Staff Writer

Following StuCo’s leadership elections March 4, Adnan Bseisu (’22) was elected president of the council along with Maddie Wilkin (’22) as vice president. 

During his speech, Bseisu highlighted a need for more school spirit, reiterating its importance in his goals for the student body.  

“Immediately, our biggest goal is to make sure school spirit is the highest it’s ever been,” he said. “Maddie and I have both made it clear that spirit is our number one priority right now.”

Whether we are online or in person, we will be able to have events for students that are fun and engaging.”

— Maddie Wilkin (‘22)

Wilkin said she agrees with the need for more school spirit. Along with that, Wilkin talked about the few positives of having to follow the COVID-19 guidelines. 

“It allows us to have flexibility in our planning,” she said. “Whether we are online or in person, we will be able to have events for students that are fun and engaging.”

Along with school spirit, Bseisu said the new leadership plans to increase clarity between StuCo and the student body.

He said this goal includes “sending out a monthly bulletin to let the student body know what we and other major clubs are working on,” as well as “publishing our meeting notes, just as we’ve done for our academic committee.”

The complete list of StuCo’s 2021-22 officer roles is as follows:

President: Adnan Bseisu (’22)

Vice President: Maddie Wilkin (’22)

Secretary: Arjun Narasimhan (’22)

PR Officer: Raquel Dawson (’22)

Treasurer: Harrison Hunt (’22)