Students, faculty return to in-person school


Maddy Whitman

Students and faculty returned to in person classes March 8, following the government and ASL’s decision to reopen. Students and faculty were also provided with lateral flow tests prior to the reopening.

Nick Zirinis, Staff Writer

The school returned to in-person learning March 8 for the first time since Dec. 18, 2020. According to Head of School Robin Appleby, the decision to return to in-person school was made by the administration Feb. 22 in response to the governments announcement of its plan to reopen schools March 8.

Over the past week, students and faculty have been advised to take lateral flow tests, with in-person testing continuing until March 12. Per Appleby, 60% of Middle School students and 53% of High School students participated in on-campus testing the week of March 1, and similar amounts of students have signed up for and plan to receive tests throughout the coming week. So far, there has not been one positive test result. 

Harrison Cutler (’22) said the first day back to in-person school ran flawlessly. 

“I like being back in the classroom, especially being able to talk to my friends and teachers,” he said. “ASL’s very organized this time coming back from distance learning.” 

Cutler also said the institution of lateral flow testing was effective and organized. 

“I’ve already done two of them and they’ve gone very smoothly,” he said. 

Although Cutler was pleased overall with the return to in-person school, he also said the in-person school schedule can be more tiring. 

“I kind of like the DLP schedule we had, where it was two classes, then lunch and then the last two classes,” he said.