Future Leaders in Medicine Club to host Zoom with university medical students


Cameron Spurr

The Future Leaders in Medicine Club will host a Zoom from 4 to 5 p.m. March 12. Medical students from universities will speak at the meeting.

Sophia Bassi, Staff Writer

The Future Leaders in Medicine Club is hosting a Zoom from 4 to 5 p.m. March 12 with medical students from the University of Edinburgh, St George’s (University of London) and University College London, who will speak about their time studying medicine.

During the meeting, the medical students will give overviews of their experiences, and then they will answer pre-planned questions followed by live ones.

Co-leader Anna Kim (’21) said the meeting will focus on the students’ time in both high school as well as currently at university.

“We want to make sure that we ask them questions like what they’ve done when they were in high school to get into medical school or what they think was good for them,” she said. “We also want to be able to talk about their experiences that they’ve had so far at their universities and what a day in their life would look like.”

In addition, Co-leader Lila Reznick (’21) said she hopes hearing the university students speak will allow students in the High School to assess whether they are interested in taking a path into the medical field.

“Choosing to go into medicine is a big decision, and it’s a heavy path choice,” she said. “Also, hearing first hand experiences from different students can help people understand if this is something they want to do, and if it is, what specifically they may be interested in.”

For anyone who would like to attend, the link is in the morning announcements and Weekly Bulletin. Only those with an ASL-affiliated Zoom account will be authorized to join.