Top 5 comfort TV shows


Grace Hamilton

Watching a comfort TV show can provide the perfect escape from daily stress, especially amidst the pandemic. Taking time to indulge in a TV program can help maintain a sense of normalcy throughout lockdown.

Anahi Pellathy

Now slowly making our way out of a third lockdown, comfort is a priority in everyone’s lives. The content we consume reflects our current state, and as we search for familiarity in uncertain times, streaming services are offering up a myriad of comforting TV shows.

Gilmore Girls” 

Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

One show known for its soothing aspects is “Gilmore Girls.” With Netflix adding four new episodes in a later extension of the series, new and seasoned fans alike have found their way back to Stars Hollow. In this classic small-town, mother-daughter comedy, the duo’s passion for take-out and fast-paced banter instantly welcomes the viewer into Rory and Lorelei’s world. It is perfect for anyone looking to brighten their mood. 

Modern Family” 

Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+

Familial love runs strong in “Modern Family.” The 11 season sitcom tells the story of an extended family in California, following three households through the ups and downs of their day to day lives. It is easy to get drawn into each character’s strong personality and the chaos of the large and somewhat unconventional family. The formulaic nature of the episodes provides a comforting familiarity. Everything always turns out okay, despite the family’s tendency to get into trouble.

New Girl” 

Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

“New Girl” offers bitesize, comedic episodes that follow a group of friends in their early thirties sharing a loft apartment. Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston are charming, quirky and dysfunctional, and their strong bond ultimately overcomes the minor dramas of their lives as they approach every situation with humor and love.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Available on Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” revolves around the life of teenager Will who moves from a rough neighborhood in Philadelphia to his wealthy Aunt and Uncle’s home in Bel-Air, Los Angeles. Centered around the ins and outs of family life, it tackles a range of social issues, including race and class, without getting too heavy. The show is perfect for watching with the family and can deliver laughs at any age. With six seasons running from 1990 to 1996, it offers a comedic time capsule of the early nineties, fashion, music and politics.

Gossip Girl” 

Available on Amazon Prime Video

“Gossip Girl” is a classic, and what it lacks in traditional comfort, it makes up for in lavish escapism. Although more dramatic and intense than a sitcom intended for casual viewing, the light banter and foundational friendships lighten the mood. With six seasons, the show is easily binge-worthy and full of riveting plot twists revolving around the glamorous lifestyle of New York City’s elite. If you are already a fan of “Gossip Girl,” iconic 2000s teen dramas like “90210” and “The O.C.” offer similar friend group dynamics.