Top 5 spring break activities


Grace Hamilton

COVID-19 restrictions have thwarted the spring break plans of many. Culture Editor: Online Grace Hamilton shares the best ways to relax, refresh and make use of the week off.

Grace Hamilton, Culture Editor: Online

Whether it be traveling or simply spending time with friends and going out to eat, it seems that COVID restrictions have thwarted the spring break plans of many. Spring break spent in lockdown may be less than ideal, but there are still a slew of ways to relax, refresh and make use of the week off. 

Read a book 

Sitting down with a good book may be something that is nearly impossible in the midst of schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Thus, taking advantage of the week off to delve into a book is the perfect way to pass the time. According to an article from “Lifehack,” reading helps to alleviate stress, increase mental stimulation, enhance memory retention and strengthen analytical skills. Picking up a book this break will not only pass the time but can also have mental and physical benefits. Check out the Mellon Library’s recommendations to find an engaging book. 

Go on a walk in the park 

As cherry trees begin to blossom and flowers start to bloom, taking a walk in the park is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors while simultaneously getting out of the house. Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park and are just a few of the numerous parks London has to offer. Taking a stroll in Hyde Park with a stop to feed the ducks is also an essential spring activity, along with watching the sunset on the top of Primrose Hill. It’s worth spending an afternoon or evening enjoying the spring weather. 

Binge-watch a TV show 

What better way to spend a week at home than binge-watching a TV show? Indulging in a TV program can provide the perfect escape from stress or boredom as well as the unprecedented circumstances. So, grab popcorn and pull up the Netflix page this spring break to take a pause from the stress of our daily lives and maintain a sense of normalcy amidst lockdown. 

Try a new recipe 

Cooking or baking is arguably the best way to spend a week off in lockdown. From preparing brownies to making tomato feta pasta, trying a new recipe is an excellent way to add flavoring to your spring break and get that creativity flowing. Not only is cooking and baking relaxing and enjoyable but is also an opportunity to experiment with healthy and delicious recipes that may even become dishes to continue making in the future. Click here to read about the most popular dishes from “Epicurious.” 

Catch up on sleep 

Sleep — we all either need or want more of it. Having a week off is the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep and fix sleep schedules prior to the start of school. According to an article from “Sleep Foundation,” consistently sleeping for at least seven hours each night is imperative to maximize cognitive and behavioral functioning. Setting a solid sleep routine is crucial to remain healthy and continue feeling refreshed, and spring break is the time to reestablish this schedule. Sleeping in is also one of the best aspects of having time off of school.