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Top 5 ways to procrastinate

Grace Hamilton
Procrastination comes in many forms, and every student has their favorite method. Although procrastinating is often seen as a bad habit, prolonging work and having moments of low motivation are inevitable, and these are the best ways to take a much-needed break from work.

Procrastination  — everyone has been guilty of it at one point or another. Whether it be putting off a history paper assigned a month ago or refusing to study for a rapidly approaching science exam, moments of procrastination tend to occur more often than we would like to admit. However, procrastinating can be healthy at times and is necessary to destress and refresh. The following suggestions are the perfect ideas to get through those times.

Movie marathon 

Movie marathons are exceptionally time-consuming, making them ideal for times when time-wasting is the goal. Sitting down to watch six seasons of a favorite TV show or make your way through all eight movies in a series is an incredibly effective way to procrastinate. A movie marathon also gives you an opportunity to catch up on the movies you have been meaning to watch. Spending hours upon hours engrossed in endless film scenes may even serve as the motivation to complete the work that was put off afterward. Movie marathons are ultimately an entertaining and relaxing use of time. 


Napping has many advantages, some of which are avoiding work and catching up on sleep. Sleeping as a method of procrastination is the best means to evade the unenviable feeling of guilt around avoiding work. Taking a nap is also an excellent way to refresh, rest and unwind. In the midst of stressful times, taking a nap might be just what you need to procrastinate productively. 

Buzzfeed quizzes 

Buzzfeed quizzes are an almost comical alternative to completing schoolwork. The Buzzfeed website offers a litany of different quizzes, ranging from “What Disney character are you?” to “Would you choose the same foods as everybody else?” to “How many US states can you label correctly?” These quizzes are undeniable time killers and an entertaining way to procrastinate.

Cooking and baking 

Who doesn’t want to make a batch of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies? Cooking and baking should certainly take precedence over schoolwork, at least in instances of procrastination. Cooking and baking can be therapeutic and are sure to provide an escape from daily stress. The process of baking is not only fun, but results in a delicious snack to make the work grind slightly less unbearable. No matter if it is experimenting with new recipes or creating old favorites, cooking and baking are productive ways to procrastinate. 


For those that typically do not enjoy cleaning, this is the perfect procrastination habit. If the last thing you feel like doing is completing work, turn to organization and cleaning to procrastinate. Utilize that time to get through the cleaning that would otherwise never get checked off the to-do list. Cleaning is a productive, beneficial way to procrastinate that can actually reduce stress, promote organization and improve productivity despite being a form of procrastination. 

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Grace Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief
Grace Hamilton (’23) is the Editor-in-Chief of The Standard. Her love for writing stemmed into a passion for journalism, and she became involved with The Standard in Grade 9. Journalism provides her a powerful platform to inform the ASL community and learn more about local and global perspectives, issues and events. Outside of journalism, Hamilton leads the Sustainability Council, writes creatively and sails competitively.

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