SJC elects new co-presidents


Sajah Ali

Rachel Brooks (’22) and Zein Blanks (’22) are the new co-presidents of the Social Justice Council. The SJC held presidential elections April 20.

Nick Zirinis, Staff Writer

The Social Justice Council held elections for co-presidents April 20, with the final decision announced April 21. The newly elected co-presidents are Zein Blanks (’22) and Rachel Brooks (’22) who won the election via majority vote. 

Those running for the co-president position delivered in-person speeches after school April 20. The council then deliberated over the next two days to decide. 

Blanks and Brooks will be taking the reins from former co-Presidents Olivia Benjamin-MacDonald (’21) and Zarina Choudhari-Stewart (’21).  

Blanks said she is excited to work in collaboration with Brooks because she feels they both bring different qualities to the position.  

“I’ve never been a co-president with someone, but I think that both Rachel and I have a lot of very different life experiences and perspectives,” she said. “So I think for both of us to be working on the same council and leading the same council would be very beneficial. You get the best of both worlds.” 

Similarly, Brooks said she is delighted to be working alongside another member as co-president. 

“I think being co-president is really important, both through my personal growth and in terms of learning from someone else’s leadership style,” she said. 

In addition, Brooks said she is excited to take the council to the next level.

“I’m most looking forward to working with individuals and the council because while I have in the past, now being a leader I am able to push them and help them with their projects,” she said.