Grade 11 students gain open-campus privileges


Cameron Spurr

As decided by the administration, spring Alternative Trips will no longer be going forward. Instead, High School students will participate in grade-level “bonding” activities throughout the week, per Director of Student Life James Perry.

Rudi Chamria, Culture Editor: Online

Beginning May 12, Grade 11 students will be permitted to go off campus on Wednesdays with the permission of their advisors, per Director of Student Life James Perry.  

Grade 12 students were given these privileges in mid-March.

Grade 11 Dean Rodney Yeoh said at the moment, it can be a busy and stressful time for students; hence, he believes giving them flexibility will be beneficial for students’ well-being. 

“It is an option for students and advisors, if they need it, simply because it’s AP season,” he said.

Yeoh said it is vital that Grade 11 students use this newfound time productively during their lunch periods, whether that be studying or going off campus for a change of scenery. 

“I hope that it gives them a chance to use advisory in a more creative way,” he said. “Ultimately, the most important question is, ‘What is the best thing we can do for students and for advisory groups?’”