Top 5 lunch restaurants


Grace Hamilton

London is home to a copious selection of lunch restaurants, from classic pubs to casual cafés to fine diners. Whether it be popular classics or more novel game-changers, Lead Culture Editor Grace Hamilton shares must-visit restaurants that provide the quintessential dining experience.

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor

London is home to a copious selection of lunch restaurants, whether it be classic pubs, casual cafés or fine diners. Sitting down at a restaurant for lunch is the perfect way to spend time with friends or family and enjoy the delicious food the city has to offer.

Restaurants, cafés and pubs are now open for both indoor and outdoor accommodation, as of May 17. From popular classics to more novel game-changers, here are five must-visit restaurants that are sure to provide the quintessential dining experience.

The Ivy 

The Ivy, beloved by many London residents, has locations in St John’s Wood, Kensington and Chelsea. Famous for its vintage atmosphere and delicious menu options, The Ivy provides a memorable and high-quality lunch experience. The Ivy is most known for its exterior garden seating space, which is complete with a variety of plants and a view of the outdoors. 

Aside from its charming interior, The Ivy also serves a wide range of dishes – chicken, salads, steak, seafood – with options for even the pickiest eater. Perhaps one of the best dishes this restaurant has to offer is the Chicken Milanese. The Ivy is a must-visit for those seeking the traditional casual dining experience.

P.F. Chang’s Asian Table

P.F. Chang’s Asian Table, located on Great Newport Street, is merely a four-minute walk from Leicester Square. The restaurant serves specialty Pan-Asian dishes, including chicken wraps, fried rice and shrimp. P.F. Chang’s Asian Table also offers appetizers and various desserts for those craving a sweeter lunch.

While the appetizing and unique menu distinguishes the restaurant, its elegance and sophistication render it a must-visit for every Londoner. This restaurant is ultimately the perfect choice for those hoping to satisfy their Asian cuisine craving at a modern and tasty restaurant. 


It is difficult to top Balthazar’s. Located in Covent Garden, this classic French brasserie serves a menu packed with a variety of delicious lunch options. From macaroni and cheese to steak tartare to buffalo mozzarella, Balthazar’s has it all. In addition to the extensive menu, the brasserie also affords an unparalleled dining experience with classic booths and festive decorations. With a perfect aggregate of ambience and delicious food, Balthazar’s is an excellent lunch choice.


Some days you just need Parisian food. Frenchie is a casual, charming French brasserie also located in Covent Garden. Frenchie’s has a diversified menu created to satisfy any Parisian cuisine craving, including cheese platters, scones and fruit parfaits. Frenchie effortlessly mimics the traditional French-style dining experience with leather booths, distinctive lighting and colored furnishings. Although it errs more on the expensive side, Frenchie is an essential visit for French cuisine lovers.

Andy’s Taverna

Who doesn’t love a great Greek restaurant? Andy’s Taverna is a charmingly rustic Greek restaurant in Camden. This family-run restaurant serves almost every authentic Greek dish one could imagine, including popular dips, salads, meat dishes and delicious pastries. 

Inspired by blue Aegean Greek architecture, Andy’s Taverna is characterized by blue awnings and a blue and white-themed interior. With its impressive hospitality, traditional Greek dishes and reasonable prices, Andy’s Taverna is a restaurant well worth visiting for those wishing to experience a slice of Greece in the city.