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Top 5 vegan, vegetarian dishes in St. Johns Wood

St. Johns Wood offers a wide array of restaurants that are fit to please any foodie. Among these restaurants are myriad vegan and vegetarian dishes prioritizing flavorful food and sustainability.

On account of the substantial impact meat consumption has on the environment, it is vital we remain mindful of how our meals affect our planet. According to an article from The Vegan Society, if a global shift to veganism occurred, greenhouse gas emissions through agricultural production would reduce by two thirds. Although limiting animal product consumption aids the environment, animal product-lovers may feel reluctant to alter their culinary habits. Even so, for those not keen to adopt an entirely vegan diet, a vegetarian diet can also have an eco-friendly impact on the planet. Eating vegetarian foods reduces carbon emissions by nearly three times the emissions produced from a meat diet, per an article from The Vegetarian Society.

As someone who avidly makes an effort to reduce meat and animal product consumption, I have a newfound love for a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes. St. John’s Wood provides copious vegan and vegetarian dishes, rendering sustainable eating habits attainable for everyone regardless of preference. From healthy breakfasts to wholesome lunches, here are five vegan and vegetarian options for a delicious off-campus munch.

The Good Life Eatery vegan porridge

Located at the end of St. John’s Wood High Street and overlooking the St. Johns Wood Church Gardens, The Good Life Eatery provides dishes that are both healthy and tasty. The restaurant also offers a seasonal menu that sources products locally and sustainably, per their website.

As part of the “All Day Yumz” menu – comprised of breakfast foods served all day – The Good Life Eatery offers a delicious vegan porridge priced at £6.50. The porridge uses coconut milk as an alternative to dairy, accompanied by gluten-free oats. The dish is embellished with a strawberry and raspberry chia compote as well as banana slices to top it off. 

In addition to selling delicious and sustainable food, The Good Life Eatery has an equally wonderful atmosphere, with comfortable booths, warm lighting and background music. This restaurant also supplies affordable, sustainable meals akin to the vegan porridge and thus, is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy vegan food with friends. 

The vegan porridge at The Good Life Eatery is priced at £6.50. The Good Life Eatery is located at the end of St. John’s Wood High Street and is the perfect place to enjoy vegan dishes. (Eva Marriott-Fabre)

Pret A Manger mozzarella, pesto and roasted tomatoes focaccia sandwich

Pret A Manger is undoubtedly among the best restaurants and cafes in St. John’s Wood with fantastic vegan and vegetarian options. If one is not inclined to part with dairy products, however, becoming vegetarian is still one way to sustain the environment. 

Pret A Manger supplies a palatable vegetarian sandwich consisting of mozzarella, pesto and other toppings, all served on focaccia bread. One of Pret A Manger’s best features is the option to toast one’s sandwich, and I’m always prone to say yes; the satisfaction of melted mozzarella combined with pesto is unmatched. Priced at £4.65 with the added benefit of being meatless, the reduced environmental impact only adds to the satisfaction of this sandwich. 

The mozzarella, pesto and roasted tomatoes focaccia sandwich from Pret A Manger costs £4.65. Consider this sandwich if you’re looking to satisfy a craving for a vegetarian option during cold weather. (Eva Marriott-Fabre)

Gail’s Bakery egg soufflé, cheddar and spinach slider 

It is difficult to beat Gail’s Bakery when it comes to the art of crafting exceptional pastries, baked goods and sandwiches. The mouth-watering menu includes a multitude of vegetarian options, including the egg soufflé cheddar and spinach slider. 

The slider stacks together a savory combination of egg soufflé, spinach and tomatoes, all of which are sandwiched between a sweet brioche bun. When I tasted the soft egg soufflé, I could not resist devouring the entire sandwich and found I craved another when I finished. With a cost of £5.00 to eat out, this dish is small but filling, making it perfect for a breakfast on-the-go. 

The egg soufflé, cheddar and spinach slider from Gail’s Bakery is priced at £5.00 to eat out. Gail’s Bakery offers various vegetarian sandwiches and other food options. (Eva Marriott-Fabre)

Unico vegan ice cream

A staple on the high street for desserts and coffee, Unico is well-known for its range of ice cream flavors. Not only does Unico produce delicious ice cream for all to enjoy, but it is also committed to helping the environment through vegan flavours, per their website. Unico offers vegan alternatives in flavors such as dark chocolate, mango and strawberry. 

As a passionate dark chocolate ice cream-lover, the vegan dark chocolate flavor was on par with the original. Vegan ice cream flavors cost £3.50 for a nano scoop.

Unico’s gelato is not only a quintessential summer dessert but is perfect for all seasons and temperatures. Even in the middle of December, you will find me walking down St. Johns Wood High Street with Unico’s mouth-watering vegan dark chocolate ice cream. 

The vegan dark chocolate ice cream from Unico is priced at £3.50 for a nano size. Unico is a High Street staple for desserts and coffee, offering copious vegan ice cream flavors. (Eva Marriott-Fabre)

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino 

Starbucks has made its mark on the world, made evident when students walk into class late with a morning coffee order in hand. Avid caffeine lovers do not have to sacrifice their love for frappuccinos to achieve sustainability. Starbucks provides five vegan alternatives to dairy milk: coconut, nut blend, oat, almond and soy. 

Autumn is my favorite season on account of the arrival of Starbucks’ seasonal Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino, hence why I decided to swap my regular order for a vegan version with oat milk. Stepping out of my comfort zone proved to be a rewarding choice as this change to my regular order is now permanent. 

The oat milk enhanced the sweet taste of pumpkin spice. Priced at £4.10 for the tall size, these milk alternatives introduce a unique flavor to the frappuccino while reducing harmful effects on the environment. Even if oat milk doesn’t satisfy your senses, there are other milk alternatives available to create the perfect hot, autumn, vegan drink.

The Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino from Starbucks is priced at £4.10 for a tall size. This global chain offers a variety of milk alternatives for a delicious vegan frappuccino. (Eva Marriott-Fabre)


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