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Top 5 takeout restaurants

Grace Hamilton
City life facilitates top-notch food delivery services, each offering a range of cuisines fit to satisfy any craving. From popular classics to hidden gems, here are five takeout restaurants that give one a unique dining experience catered to their culinary desires.

Those who know us will tell you we are suckers for takeout. Deliveroo and UberEats are among myriad platforms that offer quick and easy delivery service, hosting a broad selection of varying cuisines – Japanese, Mexican, American classics – you name it.

Ordering takeout every once in a while is undoubtedly a necessity, whether it be for casual lunches, midday coffees or lazy dinners. From popular classics to hidden gems, here are five takeout restaurants providing the quintessential culinary experience. 

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The burger is simply a must-have for those late nights when one does not feel like cooking anything themselves, and no one does it better than Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The name suggests what it delivers – gourmet food, and at a fair price point as well. GBK has a menu item for every burger craving, whether you want that original cheeseburger or you fancy trying something new, perhaps one of their many inventive takes on the household favorites.

GBK takes the burger basics and elevates them, all the while producing delicious fries and shakes. Their 100% prime beef burgers are cooked to a delectable tenderness, customized at your request. Aside from perfecting the basics, their menu is impressively inclusive. If beef isn’t for you, they have their own take on the chicken burger, as does everyone now, so well-executed one may not even realize it is not a restaurant tailored to chicken in the first place. They offer robust gluten-free, kids and vegan/vegetarian options too.

Top tip for those new to GBK – or GBK fanatics who are still unenlightened for that matter: sign up to their rewards program if you think you’ll end up being a regular. They offer great deals that bring their high-quality food to you for an even greater bargain.

Lolo Poke

Perhaps characterized by their association with tropical locations, poke bowls are renowned. Lolo Poke offers masterfully crafted bowls packed to the brim with healthy, delicious rice and veggies. Their signature poke bowls include Umami Sesame Chicken, Ponzu Ahi Tuna and Ohana Teriyaki Salmon. Even so, dishes are the customer’s prerogative – build-your-own bowls are readily available and enable the construction of one’s ideal meal.

For those craving a slice of the sun and a taste of beach days amid the seemingly endless London winter, Lolo Poke will guarantee a dose of serotonin accompanied by a hearty meal. 


California-style burritos and tacos simply can not be done properly in the U.K. … or so one might think. Enter Tortilla, a restaurant with a wide selection of taco and burrito ingredients available for customers to order Chipotle-style. The options provide a true-to-type American take on the Mexican dining experience, with tasty meals leaving one waiting for the next time they take the first bite of that taco.

The Tortilla founders themselves claim the chain originated from a lack of high-quality Mexican and Californian alternatives in London, per Tortilla’s website. But if you do choose Tortilla, don’t mention Chipotle. The rivalry is real. Vote below if you think Chipotle should be on this list instead of Tortilla.

Chipotle or Tortilla?


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Yet another restaurant that makes it easy for Brits to indulge in foreign cuisine, Wagamama offers the best of the best pan-Asian dishes at a remarkably reasonable price point. Having been around since 1992, they have perfected their craft. Their ability to consistently hit the spot when you desire a katsu curry, ramen or whatever else your heart wants, is commendable, even through delivery.

Perhaps the central appeal of Wagamama lies in its breadth of selection. No matter your preferences, this restaurant houses countless dishes fit for any pan-Asian foodie. Our go-to’s at Wagamama are the Chicken Katsu Curry – with extra Katsu sauce of course – or the Chicken Ramen. They are elegantly simple and consistently executed to a tee.

Sushi Murasaki

Sushi Murasaki is the end-all-be-all Japanese restaurant. Sushi cravings are inevitable, whether it be for a casual lunch or light dinner. With a copious selection ranging from edamame to California rolls to chicken teriyaki, Sushi Murasaki never fails to provide the perfect meal to satisfy any Japanese food craving. 

Sushi Murasaki provides delicious appetizers, sushi sets and noodle dishes that put a spin on traditional meals, such as the tuna tataki. This take-out restaurant, available on Deliveroo, will never be a let-down. One can be sure to find a plethora of mouthwatering meals on Sushi Murasaki’s menu.

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Cameron Spurr, Editor-in-Chief
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