Football fans recap Premier League January 2022 transfer window


Photos used with permission from Chris 0023/WikimediaCommons, Carlos Figueroa Rojas/WikimediaCommons and Anton Zeitsev/WikimediaCommons

Christian Eriksen (left), Julián Álvarez (middle) and Rodrigo Bentancur (right) are some of the prominent transfers that occurred on this year’s Premier League Transfer Deadline Day. Compared to the Premier League summer transfer window, the winter transfer window tends to have fewer big-money deals, per an article from ESPN. Clubs can be reluctant to lose their players in the middle of the season with so little time to replace them.

Rahil Punshi, Staff Writer

Compared to the Premier League summer transfer window, the winter transfer window tends to have fewer big-money deals, per an article from ESPN. Clubs can be reluctant to lose their players in the middle of the season with so little time to replace them. 

However, the 2022 January transfer window brought forth many opinions. According to an article from Sky Sports, there was £322.9M worth of spending across the entire month, the highest total since 2018. Deadline day alone did not have much money involved, but there were many signings on the day.

The first deadline day deal was completed at 8:05 a.m. Jan. 31. The announcement for Danish player Christian Eriksen to Brentford became official. Eriksen had been out of action since the 2020 European Championships, where he collapsed on the pitch in a match against Finland and suffered cardiac arrest. 

Sofia Siderman (’22) said while she believes this transfer is fantastic for Eriksen, it may be unwise from a Brentford standpoint.  

“I’m really happy for Eriksen, but if I was Brentford, I’d be wary,” she said. “I’m pretty sure that if you suffer a cardiac arrest, it is difficult for you to play again.” 

After his cardiac arrest, Inter Milan prohibited Eriksen from playing until his implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) was removed. However, according to Sky Sports, by welcoming Eriksen’s return, the English Premier League will have the first professional player in England to have an ICD fitted.

At 2:01 p.m., Premier League champions Manchester City signed 22-year-old Julián Álvarez from Argentine club River Plate for a fee of £14 million, according to BBC Sports. However, Manchester City has loaned him back to River Plate until the end of the season to aid his development. This season, the Argentine has scored 18 goals and assisted seven in the 2021 Argentine Primera División, per Transfermarkt

Roman Prosperi (’25) said he thinks Álvarez will be a great addition to Manchester City’s attack.

“City have not found a suitable replacement for [Sergio] Agüero, but I think Álvarez is the perfect choice,” he said. “They both share similar physical characteristics and play style – I feel he will perform well in the Premier League.” 

Tottenham Hotspur loaned out Tanguy Ndombele until the end of the season to French club Olympique Lyonnais. The player has had a slow start to life at Tottenham, falling out of favor with the newly-appointed manager, Antonio Conte, and fans. 

Ndombele was booed off the pitch by Tottenham fans in a FA Cup match against Morecambe Jan. 9. Ndombele walked off the pitch slowly while Tottenham was down 1-0, upsetting fans at their own player wasting time, per Sky Sports. Ndombele is returning to his former club Lyon, where he impressed during the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons, providing 13 combined assists, according to Transfermarkt.

Additionally, Tottenham Hotspur announced the signing of two players from Juventus F.C.: Rodrigo Bentancur for £15.9 million and Dejan Kulusevski on loan, per BBC Sports

However, Prosperi said he has concerns with the pair. 

“I think Bentancur and Kulusevski will not live up to the expectations,” he said. “Bentancur’s performance has dropped over the past few seasons, and Kulusevski has not been racking up many goals and assists for Juventus.” 

Frank Lampard began his Everton managerial stint with the loan deal of Donny Van de Beek from Manchester United. This season, Van de Beek has struggled for game time at Manchester United, playing just 69 minutes total, per Premier League.

Danny Smadi (’25) said he thinks this loan deal benefits both clubs. 

“It’s a smart move for both clubs,” he said. “Manchester United have many options in midfield, so it is hard for Van de Beek to earn a starting spot. Everton, on the other hand, could use the quality of Van de Beek to challenge for a mid-table spot this season.” 

Smadi said the deadline day transfers will likely shape the rest of the season.

The transfers that occurred have been strategic. Clubs have not spent large amounts of money, instead they have completed deals with free transfers or loan deals. 

Smadi said he feels that clubs have been tactical with their deals, and he  thinks using loans is a good choice. 

“I feel clubs have been strategic with how they have completed these transfers,” he said. “During uncertain times, reducing the amount of money spent by utilizing loans is a good decision.”