Community shares love for pets


Rudi Chamria (Images used with permission from Canva)

Pets – whether dogs, cats or goats – can provide a sense of comfort for many in their various shapes and forms. Students and faculty share stories about their pets, from the origin of their names to their favorite hobbies.

Antoine Warnery, Opinions Editor: Online

Although early humans first sought to domesticate animals as a means of survival, animals have shifted to become companions as well. This love for pets is apparent among many student and faculty members. According to a survey sent to High School students and faculty March 22 to April 17 with 169 responses, 63.3% of the school community owns a pet. 

Whether improving morale or providing companionship, community members share their relationships with pets. Interact with the images below to read about each community member’s unique connection.


Rudi Chamria

Eva-Marriott Fabre