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Accommodating learning styles

September 28, 2022

Abd Saddic said while the productivity community is making strides in accommodating different learning styles, content was more exclusive in the past.

“When they started, I’d say definitely it was the case of ‘You have to live exactly like how I’m living to end up being successful,’” he said.

Bhatia said influencers can inadvertently encourage that one schedule fits all.

“You don’t have to go to the gym at 6 a.m.,” he said. “You can go after school, for example, and it’s because as long as you’re going to the gym, that’s the most important thing. For somebody, like, to say that you should wake up at 6 a.m., maybe that works for you, but not for your entire audience.”

DuBose said she used to watch videos with a strong emphasis on taking “pretty notes,” which made her feel excluded as she has a hand disorder and struggled to mimic their writing. 

Productivity culture should be kind of, like, one of those things that people who are in supervisory roles should learn about what you promote. Then, it trickles down to their staff.”

— Learning Specialist Yulisa Cruz

“It has to be more accommodating to different learning types,” she said. “It should go from being like you need the fancy highlighters to underline your title, to being like you could try using fancy highlighters to underline your titles so you can keep organized.”

Cruz said social media can be utilized as a platform to raise awareness about worker exploitation and concurrently share ideas about how workplaces can promote a healthy work-life balance.

“Productivity culture should be kind of, like, one of those things that people who are in supervisory roles should learn about what you promote,” she said. “Then, it trickles down to their staff.”

On the other hand, Cruz said social media is a “rabbit hole,” and people should not solely rely on external content for productivity. 

“Being plugged in all the time, it’s just, it adds another layer of pressure that I don’t think kids need,” she said. “Social media is just kind of generic. It’s not tailored to anyone in particular.”

Ultimately, Abd Saddic said the community should continue to share various ideas of how one can organize and structure their life while introducing a variety of unique ways to be productive and successful. 

“I don’t think it should continue promoting exact lifestyles and how people should live because some people end up changing how they live entirely just to be quote-on-quote successful,” he said. “‘Succesful’ is different to everyone.”

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