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Ticketmaster spurs uproar among Taylor Swift fans

Used with permission from Ronald Woan/Flickr
To many, Taylor Swift is a beloved music star and tickets for her upcoming tour are in high demand. However, discontent regarding how Ticketmaster handled ticket sales emerged soon after.

In the five years since Taylor Swift’s last tour, “Reputation,” the artist has released four new albums as well as re-recorded two more. “Lover,” “Folklore,” “Evermore” and, most recently, “Midnights,” were all produced in this five-year span. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Swift’s touring plans were halted, along with artists around the world. High demand for Swift’s tickets then became apparent following her recent tour announcement, when fans – also known as Swifties – attempted to purchase tickets on Ticketmaster for Swift’s newest tour, “The Eras Tour.”

Hana Abdelmoshen (’26) said although she did not personally try to buy tickets for the tour, she was aware of the controversy through posts shared on social media platforms.

“I just saw a bunch of videos of people, like, comparing it to buying a house, since many of the tickets are worth so much,” Abdelmoshen said. “But, since she hasn’t had the tours for such a long time they will hopefully be worth it.”

According to Forbes, more than 14 million people logged onto Ticketmaster to purchase tickets. The sale was canceled due to high demand, leaving many people without an opportunity to purchase tickets, according to Ticketmaster.

Eduardo Pilnik (’24) said even though he did not try to buy tickets, he is sympathetic toward those who had to deal with the problems surrounding Ticketmaster. 

“I feel bad for all the people who weren’t able to get tickets,” Pilnik said. “I think it’s quite poor on Ticketmaster for not handling the demand and buying very well.” 

Chase Cerrell (’24), who said she is a self-proclaimed Swiftie, said Ticketmaster was in the wrong regarding the ticket mishandling and that it is unfortunate for her fans.

“Ticketmaster should really be more organized with how they operate,” Cerrell said. “It sucks for her fans though since a lot of people won’t be able to see the show. That’s really on Ticketmaster.”

Pilnik said he echoes the notion that Ticketmaster is at fault for the failure to support demand.

Maybe she should also make sure she’s using credible companies,” he said. “it’s still on them to make it a good service.”

Abdelmoshen said the sale was a large issue and it is solely due to Swift’s large fan base that the mishap gained publicity. 

It sucks for her fans though since a lot of people won’t be able to see the show. That’s really on Ticketmaster.

— Chase Cerrell ('23)

“I really don’t feel like it’s a big problem, a lot of artists have had more demand for their tours and concerts and stuff,” Abdelmoshen said. “It’s literally just because it’s Taylor Swift. She’s such a big name in the industry, it’s obvious that people will know more about her.”

Ultimately, Cerrell said she hopes the tour will be successful since it has been many years since “Reputation.” 

“It’s really cool that she’s getting that much attention,” Cerrell said. “Her concert does look really cool so I can understand why everyone would want to go.”

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Ailish Herrmann ('26) is a member of the Media Team of The Standard in Advanced Journalism.

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