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‘Ginny and Georgia’ storyline takes a dark turn

Photo used with permission from Netflix
“Ginny and Georgia” is known for its drama and mystery-packed storyline. The second season premiered Jan. 5 on Netflix, leaving viewers with the secrets of characters and the chaos unfolding.

The second season of “Ginny and Georgia” premiered Jan. 5 on Netflix, nearly two years after the release of the first season in 2021. The new season reached the number one spot on the English TV list with more than 180 million hours viewed, making it the most viewed title during the week of its release, according to Forbes.

The first season of the show follows the lives of an intelligent and feisty teenage girl, Ginny, and her mother, Georgia, as they move to New England when Ginny is entering Grade 10. Ginny has had to move numerous times and attend different schools, causing her to struggle to make friends and trust the people around her. In the second season, Ginny rebuilds her friendships as she becomes more comfortable within the Wellsbury community. However, the importance of mental health becomes a significant theme throughout the season as she is depicted to be self-harming.  


I enjoyed how the second season incorporated more of Georgia’s past relationships and their mystery, particularly with her family. In the first season, viewers learn that Georgia framed a family member for money laundering, and we are left without much explanation for who this person truly is and his motive. However, after the character unexpectedly returns to Wellsbury after his time in prison, we learn that Georgia may have had her reasons for framing him.

This season explored the theme of abusive relationships, which was a topic I had not expected. It added a lot more depth to the show compared to the more comedic and lighthearted first season. In episode nine, the aggressive behavior of Georgia’s ex-boyfriend, Gil, is acknowledged when he threatens to expose Georgia’s past to her fiancé. The reveal of Gil’s abusive persona shocked me, because when he is introduced to the show, he seems to have changed from his old ways and seems to be a supportive dad that just wants to reunite with his son, but later we see that this is not the case.

Gil’s appearance in the second season strategically uncovered Georgia’s past. The use of foreshadowing through the characters effectively accentuated the drama that had been developing since the first season.


Throughout the second season, I began to sympathize more with the characters as their backstories came to light. For example, I was not a huge fan of Abby’s character in the first season, as she would usually make rude comments to her friend group. However, she was given more screen time, focusing on her low self-esteem which helped viewers understand her as a character. These scenes show how she struggled with her body image and family issues, eliciting more empathy for her choices in the first season. 

Another character with major development was Cynthia Fuller, originally presented as a nosy mother willing to do anything to gain power in the Wellsbury community. Viewers gain more empathy for her situation as she must take care of her dying husband. Even though she is still quite ill-mannered towards Georgia, we can see a friendship begin to form between the two characters. This development made Cynthia’s character more likable, making the show more endearing.  


I was shocked by the new relationships and development of relationships from season one between some of the characters. For example, my jaw dropped when I saw that Joe and Cynthia had formed a romantic relationship. Even though it only lasted for a short period, their relationship was utterly unexpected because Joe is very kind and relaxed, and Cynthia is portrayed as uptight, overly-competitive, and a sad wife aiding her half-dead husband. 

I was also surprised to see the sudden break up of Marcus and Ginny’s relationship, as they seemed compatible from the first season and cared for each other. However, earlier in the show, when Georgia catches Marcus hiding in Ginny’s closet, she warns him not to hold her back. I believe this fear of angering Georgia prompted him to break up with Ginny. While Ginny and Marcus continue dating, they work on confronting their respective traumas. 

Mental health

In the first season of the show, there are a couple of scenes showing Ginny’s struggle with self-harm. The audience can tell that something is going on with Ginny below the surface, but it seems to be ignored throughout the rest of the season. However, the situation in this season is addressed, and Ginny’s self-harming habits were given more attention. I was expecting the show to concentrate more on Georgia’s background and Ginny’s friendship drama. Even though they did include these themes, I was glad to see that Ginny and other characters’ mental health was also incorporated into the storyline and taken seriously. 

I appreciated that the show’s creators were able to make the series fun to watch, while also incorporating serious topics. I would recommend Ginny & Georgia to teenagers; however, if you are struggling with mental health, I would skip this one. 


If you are worried about self-harm or about a friend, please reach out to one of our school counselors or a member of the Safeguarding Team. You can also confidentially get support outside of school by connecting with one of these helplines:

SANELINE tel: 0845 767 8000

Helpline providing information and advice on mental health, 1p.m.-11p.m.

The Samaritans tel: 0845 790 90 90

24-hour confidential, emotional support for anyone in crisis.

Childline tel: 0800 1111

Call, email, or chat 24-hour access.

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