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‘Spare’ by Prince Harry undermines role of monarchy

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Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” has undermined the monarchy’s role of providing stability. “Spare” has become the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time.

Prince Harry’s much anticipated “Spare,” a personal memoir, has become the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time, according to Forbes. “Spare” explores Prince Harry’s personal experiences, childhood, military service and the decision to step back from his royal duties. The release of Sparehas undermined the role of the monarchy and created turmoil among members of the royal family, rather than mending relationships. 

While many of Harry’s revelations from his memoir are pitiful and shocking, most of his claims are unfounded and Harry’s favorability – which is a measure of the British public’s positive approval of him – has fallen to an all-time low of 24%, according to YouGov. For example, the two biggest revelations from the book included an altercation between Prince Harry and Prince William along with Harry’s dehumanization of Taliban soldiers, labeling them as chess pieces removed from a board. 

In his memoir, Harry claims that Prince William attacked him, causing Harry’s necklace to be ripped and knocking Harry to the floor. Consequently, Prince William is depicted as a violent and aggressive character, which has tarnished his reputation as next in line for king. Some revelations are better kept as secrets for the public good.

Instead of constantly criticizing his family, Harry should try to make amends by discussing his problems privately rather than showcasing them to the world.


Harry also details that he killed 25 Taliban fighters while serving in the army. He notes that he did not view the fighters as “people,” but as “chess pieces” to be removed. This phrasing is an embarrassment for the royal family, as members should behave virtuously to serve as an example for the British people. 

In addition to the mere ignorance of his words, in an interview with ITV, Prince Harry said he would like to mend his fractured relationship with his father and brother. However, Harry’s memoir has proved counterproductive to this claim, where his rash comments have reignited tensions with the Taliban as a tweet from the Taliban’s account condemned Harry’s remarks, according to CNN, complicating matters for the royal family to be in contact with Harry.

The British royal family provides a sense of stability, gives British people a focus on national identity and supports voluntary service. The royal family is also the world’s most famous and popular monarchy, characterizing the U.K. and what it means to be British for many. 

As the royal family is vital for Britain and its people, scandals and misconduct by royal members could negatively impact the reputation of the royal family. In 2005, Prince Harry wore a Nazi armband at a costume party, according to Business Insider. Though Harry swiftly apologized, he was third in line to the throne at the time, and it wasn’t a good look for the royal family. 

Furthermore, the Royal Family drives Britain’s economy and tourism sector. According to Brand Finance, the monarchy contributes billions to the British economy annually while only costing the individual taxpayer roughly one pence per day. Therefore, claims that the royal family wastes taxpayer money is unjustified. 

As the royal family is vital for Britain and its people, scandals and misconduct by royal members could negatively impact the reputation of the royal family.

Prince Harry’s recent revelations from his memoir have undoubtedly shaken the public’s view of the royal family. According to YouGov, one in five Britons are now embarrassed by the royal family and 43% are proud of the royal family, a stark contrast to 55% documented in September. 

One of the monarchy’s primary roles is to provide a sense of stability for Britain, especially in today’s climate where Britain has seen three prime ministers in one year, suffered through a cost-of-living crisis and lost its longest-serving monarch. 

However, Harry has failed to fulfill his duty as a royal family member, as he has not exemplified a sense of stability. Harry should have addressed his concerns privately rather than publicly. I believe it is morally wrong to release inner family matters for fame and money. After all, your family is your bloodline. 

How can Prince Harry resolve the tension between himself and fellow members of the royal family? Instead of voicing his concerns to millions of people and further deteriorating his relationships within the royal family, Harry should confidentially express his troubles where both parties work together to achieve common ground. 

Moreover, according to The Guardian, Harry and Meghan will be invited to the coronation of King Charles III in May. As the coronation marks a new chapter for the monarchy and Britain, perhaps the event could also commemorate a reconciliation between Harry and the Royal Family. 

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Rahil Punshi
Rahil Punshi, News Editor: Online
Rahil Punshi (’25) is the News Editor: Online for The Standard. Punshi’s passion for politics and writing spurred him to join The Standard at the start of high school. Outside of journalism, Punshi is a member of the Secretariat for West London Model UN and is an avid squash player.

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  • N

    NickApr 26, 2023 at 8:29 pm

    As someone who is originally from the uk I can confirm that most British people haven’t the time of day for Harry or his “ my needs at the centre of everything “ actress Californian wife.
    They are the antithesis of everything many of our parents and grandparents represented. A “ quiet and private life” he states while simultaneously inviting a tv crew to film every detail of their lives and complain about how badly they have been treated. The royal duties were not for them they wanted more money and a different lifestyle despite being given a 40 million pound house to live in and all their bills paid.
    The royal family are obviously less popular than before partly due societal change,a less popular king,Harry and Meghan’s shenanigans and importantly as the number of none British born immigrants has substantially increased who feel no allegiance toking or country…..