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Students receive accomodations during Holi

Photo courtesy of Nishant Das
Teachers were asked not to assign homework or assessments March 7-8 during Holi, according to Assistant Principal Natalie Jaworski. Holi, a Hindu holiday, is meant to symbolize the end of the winter season and the start of spring.

To allow for the celebration of the Hindu festival of Holi March 7-8, Assistant Principal Natalie Jaworski said homework and assessments were not assigned.

Jaworski said questions have arisen why homework is suspended for certain holidays.

“A lot of families [are] asking, ‘why does that apply to some holidays and not others?’” Jaworski said.

Vice President of South Asia Club Kanak Roy (’25) said students are not fully appreciating Holi and are instead focusing on the lack of work assigned.

“It’s not being represented as well as it could be because no one’s actually learning about what it fully is, but they’re rather using it as like a celebration so that people can get out of homework and tests,” Roy said.

In addition, Roy said there are many ways that the school could celebrate Holi so students can understand what the holiday means and experience the joy. 

“If we could actually go out to Waverley and like, throw colors at each other, people would have fun and they would learn what it’s about,” Roy said.

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