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Skincare company Drunk Elephant’s products live up to hype, provide eco-friendly experience

Uma Israni
Skincare brand Drunk Elephant’s products provide customers with eco-friendly skincare. Founded in 2013, the brand has recently gained a following on social media.

Skincare and makeup The “Get Ready With Me” trend on TikTok that showcases users’ skincare and makeup products often feature the brand Drunk Elephant, and it has taken the internet by storm. 

Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson said The name Drunk Elephant derives from the story that elephants love to eat the fruits that fall from Marula trees and the natural alcohol content from the fermented fruit then gets the elephant drunk, according to Fashionista

Masterson has stated that her goal is to simplify skincare with effective ingredients and eliminate what she calls “the suspicious six,” ingredients which consist of essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical sunscreens and fragrances or dyes. 

When Masterson first created her products, she chose the most effective ingredients, both synthetic and natural. 

Using a high percentage of active ingredients at skin-friendly PH levels she made sure the products were skin-safe. Materson created all her products using virgin marula oil, straight from the pip. 

The overnight facemask aims to strengthen the skin’s acid mantle and restore moisture, thus leaving users with a refreshed face in the morning. 

Drunk Elephant does not use influencer endorsements or sponsored content to promote their brand. Instead, the brand relies purely on authentic buyer recommendations that go viral on social media.

In addition to the company’s online presence, another main difference between regular skin care brands and Drunk Elephant is the packaging. Though the products come in appealing bright neon packaging and a creative name, the most important aspect is their sustainability. 

Before I describe my experimentation, I will preface that my skin is a drier-mixed complexion which affected my experiences with the products. 

Uma Israni

To put the products to the test, I went to Space NK to try the tester products. First up was the Polypeptide cream, which was £59. I had seen the bottle frequently pop up on my “For You” page on TikTok with multiple positive reviews, so I had to try it. 

Known for its bright packaging and easy application, with just a slight press on the top of the bottle, the moisturizer is easily applicable. 

The texture of the cream is cold and smooth. As I lathered it on my face, I was mesmerized with a cooling sensation. 

Left with the invigorating feeling, I had to buy the tub. Though it is a little expensive, the packaging and the pleasing application compensated, making it worth the price. 

I apply the product once a day and mix it with Drunk Elephant’s hydrating serum. This moisturizer does wonders to my face, always leaving me refreshed. 

I recommend this product to anyone who has a drier skin complexion like mine and is looking to enhance their skincare routine.

Uma Israni

The next product I tested was the B-Hydra serum, which is £42. The serum aims to rejuvenate all types of skin for a healthier-looking complexion and if you’re looking for something to hydrate your face before doing homework or going to class, this product is key.

After using it for two weeks, my skin feels hydrated and always left a perfect base to apply makeup.

However, I only recommend using a small amount at a time, particularly for sensitive skin, as too much of the product can cause irritation. I use two pumps a day to maintain consistency.

Finally, I tested the Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser, which is £31. After a full day of school, my makeup is always cakey and flaking off my face, screaming “I desperately need a cleanser.” 

Luckily, Space NK had some testers of this melting cleanser right at the front of the store.

Uma Israni

A combination of oils and antioxidant fruit extracts, the Slaii Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser promises to melt away all traces of dirt, debris, sunscreen and makeup. 

To put the green bottle to the test, I grabbed a hot cloth and stood by the sink. Next, I scooped a blob of the buttery cleanser. I must say it was quite satisfying. Third, I gently lathered it onto my face, covering all the concealer, mascara and lipstick I was wearing. Lastly, I took a hot cloth and pressed it onto my face for a few seconds, letting the makeup absorb in. My face was left glowy and soft with a bare amount of makeup residue. However, there was still mascara left on my lashes. A better alternative to take makeup off that works like a charm is Garnier’s micellar water. 

Overall, Drunk Elephant products stay true to the company’s words and are a sustainable, non-toxic alternative to regular skin care products. I recommend the products to anyone who wants to achieve a fresh and dewy look. Products are readily available at the nearest Space NK.

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