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Krispy Kreme releases 2023 Halloween donuts

Amelia Bassi
Krispy Kreme releases four Halloween Doughnuts: “Pumpkin Patch,” “Spooktacular Donut,” “Howl’oween” and “Bite ‘N’ Delight”. The doughnuts are available until Nov. 1.

Each year, Krispy Kreme releases their Halloween donut selection featuring four Halloween-themed donuts, each with individual flavors and designs. Krispy Kreme UK released their donuts Oct. 16 and they will be available until Nov. 1. Each box of a dozen contains three of the following donuts: “Pumpkin Patch”, “Howl’oween”, “Bite ‘N’ Delight” and “Spooktacular donut”. The dozen retails for £21.95, averaging about £1.83 per donut. Compared to other donut shops, such as “Dunkin’ donuts,” where each donut is about £1.76, this is expensive, but reasonable for the level of detail and flavor of the Krispy Kreme donuts. In comparison to “donut Time,” a popular donut shop known for their extravagant designs where one donut can cost up to £5.00, Krispy Kreme’s donuts seem worth the price for a detailed and festive donut.

The “Howl’oween” donut is a traditional krispy kreme donut with two types of chocolate icing and a werewolf face. This was my favorite donut out of the four, as it had a lovely balance of flavors. The donut was dipped in a chocolate glaze, and topped with chocolate cream icing, giving it a strong chocolate flavor, while the icing was sweeter with hints of vanilla. As somebody who doesn’t like a strong chocolate flavor, this donut was perfect since it had a nice mix of the two flavors. However, the weakness of the chocolate flavor may be disappointing for those looking forward to a rich taste.

Pumpkin Patch:
The “Pumpkin Patch” donut is described on the Krispy Kreme website as having a “toffee apple flavor filling, dipped in orange icing and hand decorated with a spooky face.” The donut itself was the traditional Krispy Kreme donut and it was delicious, as it was fluffy and light. The icing was slightly too sweet and had a grainy texture, but when eating the full donut it didn’t make a large impact on the taste. The toffee apple filling tasted very artificial, but if you like apple-flavored sweets, you would probably enjoy this donut. Overall, despite the artificial apple flavor, the donut was still enjoyable.

Bite ‘N’ Delight
The “Bite ‘N’ Delight,” which has a “Tangy raspberry filling, coated in berry flavor icing and decorated with a terrifying face,” was very sweet. Although the icing was slightly tangy, I still found the donut a bit sickening. The filling tasted more like blackcurrant than raspberry and the icing lacked flavor. Overall, this was my least favorite donut of the four and if you are somebody who doesn’t like very sugary flavors, you would not enjoy this donut.

Spooktacular donut
Finally, I tried a “Spooktacular donut”, which are “Light and fluffy donuts dipped in apple-flavored green icing topped with spooky sprinkles.” Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the apple flavored icing on this donut, as it was more mild than the apple filling of the “Pumpkin Patch” donut. The sprinkles were also slightly soft and added a nice texture to the pastry. The taste was enjoyable, and if you like apple flavor, you would definitely like the “Spooktacular” donut.

Overall, even though I didn’t enjoy all four donuts, they all had beautiful festive decorations and designs which made them fun to eat. The “Howl’oween” donut was definitely my favorite, and I recommend trying it. Happy Halloween!

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