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Students share popular fall fashion trends

Talya Berner
Students share their outfits this fall. Almost half of students picked fall as their favorite season to dress up for.

The changing seasons and cooling weather bring a shift in street style, and each year, new trends emerge. In an online survey conducted by The Standard with 123 responses, 42.3% of students picked fall as their favorite season to dress up for, with the most popular items to wear being sweaters, Uggs and Adidas Sambas shoes.
Enna Momic (’26) said she noticed a return of the popular comfort shoe.
“I think Uggs are [a] very seasonal shoe, like last year everyone was wearing Uggs, and this season I think it’s definitely going to be coming back,” Momic said.
Jagger Price (’26) said footwear trends have appeared in the form of Adidas Sambas as well, and said she hopes to use the shoes to incorporate color into her wardrobe.
“I would love to add color combinations because I find that there are a lot of different variations, especially very nice fall colors,” Price said.

Students’ favorite clothing items

For her ideal fall closet, Maddie Kotsen (’27) prioritizes comfort and the athleisure style.
“I love like a yoga pant or just a cozy look with sweatpants,” Kotsen said.
Though Ziad Ben-Gacem (’25) said his fall closet lacks excitement, he said he is working to improve the variety.“I’m a bit dull when it comes to clothing, which is unfortunate, but a new improvement is that I’ve actually started to wear jackets,” Ben-Gacem said.
Since last fall, new colors have risen to popularity. According to the online survey conducted by The Standard, dark red has become a more popular color to wear, though brown is students’ most favored color.

Students’ favorite fall colors

“There’s always a lot of brown every year, and I love that,” Kotsen said.
Aside from warm colors, which 34.7% of students noted as trending, the most popular fall fashion trends this year are the incorporation of neutral colors, layering and low-waisted items.
Kotsen said she enjoys the low-waisted style, and she said of all jean styles she “definitely liked it the most.”
For Price, the season has introduced a different style of jeans.
“I feel like mid-waisted jeans are becoming very popular,” Price said.

Students’ favorite seasons

For mens’ fashion, Ben-Gacem said most of the community follows the same trends.
“Most guys I know usually dress like I dress, which are hoodies and some kind of sweatpants or maybe baggy jeans of sorts,” Ben-Gacem said.
Ben-Gacem also said he refuses to partake in the rising popularity of scarves because he said, “I don’t like wearing scarves.”
Price noted the popularity of the accessory, and she said scarves “are becoming more popular this season.”


Talya Berner

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Talya Berner ('26) is a member of the Media Team for The Standard in Advanced Journalism.

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