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Supernova brings delicious burgers to London

Melisa Atalay
Customers queue outside Supernova on Peter Street in Soho March 24. The restaurant opened Sept. 29, 2023, and has become very popular.

The newly viral burger restaurant Supernova has taken over London’s social media. Despite a minimalistic menu of two burger choices and limited side and additive options, the opening of this restaurant has prompted lines curving around Soho’s neighboring streets.

Supernova opened this fall in Soho, marking the restaurant’s first location. The restaurant has garnered popularity in the media, as people have posted pictures and reviews of the food online, intriguing both tourists and locals.

The Classic Burger

The classic burger is composed of a brioche bun with melted cheese on a beef patty topped with mustard, ketchup and pickles. All these additions are customizable, as you can add or remove any pre-chosen ingredients.

Unlike most burger restaurants in London, Supernova doesn’t add excess grease to its burgers, making them lighter and much more appetizing compared to other options.


Supernova’s fries are thin and hand-cut. They also come with an optional Supernova-made sauce or ketchup and mayonnaise that you can select when you order. Fries can really make it or break it when it comes to a burger restaurant, and Supernova’s thin fries hit the spot. A restaurant with both fantastic fries and a delectable burger can be hard to come by, yet Supernova checks both boxes. The fries require a separate order since they do not come with the burger but are, without question, a must.


Supernova has a unique drinks menu, offering lemonade, iced tea and a half-and-half flavor that combines the two. The lemonade was delicious — extremely refreshing and neither too sweet nor too sour. As for the iced tea, the taste replicates that of many store-bought options, freshening and desirable but nothing unique.


The sundaes served at Supernova are unlike any other. There is a range of flavors, including chocolate and caramel. While these align with the classics at most fast-food restaurants, Supernova uses high-quality ingredients that elevate the taste. The sundae is served with toppings, including fresh fruits. Such a high-quality dessert made the experience even better after an excellent burger.


Overall, we confidently recommend Supernova — it is simply too good to gatekeep. With the price of a burger ranging from just £9 to £12 and fries costing just £3, Supernova provides an outstanding meal for a relatively low price. Even after waiting in the queue for an hour, we will definitely return to Supernova. Though the line tested our endurance, the meal was worth the wait. We had a hunch that the food would be great as the chefs only specialize in one meal type, and we were right. Supernova surpasses our usual favorites, including Five Guys and Bleecker Burger, with its unmatched taste, food options, price point and lively location. We hope Supernova branches out to more locations, and we can’t wait to go back.

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