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Junior Frustration at Locker Policy


Emily Mark

Photography Editor

This year’s new locker system prioritizes new students, leaving freshmen, seniors, sophomores, and finally juniors struggling to obtain lockers. Many juniors are confused and annoyed by this disregard for “juniority.”

This year the High School has 25 more students than lockers, given the surplus of new students as well as the elimination of lockers at bottom orange. This implies that the school risked a denial of lockers to the students that arguably have the most work and therefore the most books.

Many juniors are annoyed just by the principle of it all. “It’s more of a right, it’s not about the height,” Eric Rawald (’14) said. Although many juniors agree that new students deserve priority, nobody understands why the freshmen were the first grade level (after new students) to get lockers.

Akay Mustafa said the school  “started with new students and then moved to grade 9 to make sure that new students and freshmen had lockers prior to the first weekend.” Students argue that this is their first year in high school and that they are scared, but they should be treated equally, and not given rights typically given to upperclassmen.

“Freshmen were all given top row [lockers] and they can’t even see the top of their locker,” Katie Dillon (’14) said.

A more sensible method would have been to give underclassmen their lockers first, primarily filling the bottom lockers around the school.

Currently there are 27 unassigned lockers, accurately reflecting the survey last year that showed that many students did not use nor did they want a locker. Many have been left wondering where “juniority” has gone and why those empty lockers were not given to the now top-row freshmen.

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