True Fan: Sterling Foster

True Fan: Sterling Foster

How did you become a Pittsburgh Steelers supporter?

Because I am from Texas, I have always loved football, but I cannot stand the Dallas Cowboys. I became a Steelers fan because every member of my family except my mom is a Cowboy fan. My mother is a die hard Steeler fan so she influenced me to love them. Steelers and the Cowboys are rivals, but Steelers are obviously better.

Who is your favorite player and why?

My favorite player by far is Troy Polamalu. He is a beast! It is fun to watch him play because he has so much energy and amazing defensive abilities. Plus, he has pretty nice hair.

What is your best memory as a Steelers supporter?
My favorite memory of the Steelers was being able to go to watch them play in two Super Bowls. My family and I went to Tampa to see them play against the Arizona Cardinals in 2009. The game was so exciting because the Steelers had an amazing comeback in the last quarter and managed to win their sixth Super Bowl (one more than the Dallas Cowboys).

What is your worst memory as a Steelers supporter?

My worst memory was watching them lose against the Green Bay Packers in the Cowboy stadium at 2011 Super Bowl. I was hoping the Steelers would win their seventh Super Bowl in the brand new Cowboy stadium, but I was so disappointed when they lost.

If there is any player that you could add to the team, who would it be?

If I could add any player on the Steelers team it would definitely be RG3 [Robert Griffen III]. He is amazing. Just last year I visited my brother at Baylor University and got to watch RG3 play against University of Texas Longhorns.

Steelers would win another Super Bowl if they were to have RG3. He completely dominates the field. Even though Ben Roethlisberger is a great player, in my opinion the Steelers would win another Super Bowl if they were to have RG3.

What do you think of Big Ben’s off the field activity?

It’s awful. I can’t really tell why a guy like Big Ben would act like the way he has. I know nothing was proven but the fact that those events were even talked about puts him in a really negative light. He thinks because of his position he can do what he wants its just wrong. It also gives the team a really bad reputation, like I know a lot of people that dont like the Steelers just because of him.

What do you think are realistic goals for this season?

The Steelers and the Cowboys finally play each other on December 16. My one big wish is that the Steelers beat the Cowboys on their home territory! All I can ask from my team is to play well during each game. So far they have had a fairly good start and absolutely destroyed the Jets! I just hope my team continues to stay focused and does well throughout the season.

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