Students disciplined for racism


Two eighth grade boys were disciplined for expressing racial, anti-semitic and generally lewd sentiments on school property. Middle School Assistant Principal Peter Lutkoski confirmed that upper Middle School students were disciplined for their conduct without clarifying their specific punishments.

The students were deemed responsible for racial and ethnic slurs inscribed in dust vents in the blue gym, including swastikas and references to Hitler, among other offensive and inflammatory content. “It wasn’t just a few words here and there, the entire [dust] vent[s] [were] covered,” P.E. Teacher Michael Johnston said. “It was basically everything from the five conversations you’re never supposed to talk about in public.”

The Standard has received unconfirmed reports that allege that the students received suspensions.

Lutkoski could not confirm the specific disciplinary action taken against the students as it is not school policy to do so. “We keep it between the families and us,” he said.

The dust vents were initially discovered by a P.E. teacher on an early Monday morning. Initial speculation suggested that it was the work of a person not affiliated with the community.

After concerns were raised in advisory classes, several students stepped forward to profess what they witnessed. On November 5 and 6, Middle School students engaged in discussion with their advisory teachers about the events that occurred. After speaking with several students, Lutkoski determined that ASL students were indeed responsible for the alleged hate speech and took the appropriate action.