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Pi Day



On Thursday March 14 (3.14), the math department came together to take part in the worldwide celebration of Pi Day.
Pi Day presented me with an excellent opportunity: A pie-eating competition. Math is hardly an area of expertise for me, pie-eating, however, is a different story. I stepped up to the long table, assessing my competition. “You’ve got this,” I told myself.

We were informed of the rules of the contest: hands were to be tied behind backs and the first three to finish their pie advance to the finals. I steamrollered the first round, eliminating all in my path.

Onto the finals.

The final was a piece of cake, pun intended, I finished the pie in two bites.

As a prize for my success I got to pie a math teacher of my choice in the face. I chose my current Geometry teacher, Neil Basu. Payback for a year of C’s.
Amidst my 15 minutes of fame I managed to gather some information.

3 pounds for a ‘Pi Day’ T-Shirt
1 joke: “Pi Day gives me the opportunity to PIoneer new cartoons!” courtesy of Math Teacher Ray Blanch.
4 students who won the right to pie a math teacher: James Malin, Hayden Nadler (’14), Clayton Sasaki (’14) and Asher Bohmer (’13).
1 student won the pie eating contest. It was me. Of course.
5 math teachers’ thoughts on Pi Day:
Tony Bracht: “Pi Day is a fun excuse to celebrate math.”
Frank Sousa: “It means I get to eat a lot of pie.”
Julie Bevad: “It’s just an exciting way to celebrate math.”
Joey Sinreich: “It connects current mathematic students with 5,000 years of mathematical tradition.”
Mark Barsoum: “Remember when you were really young and had a favorite number? One that was definitely your absolute favorite that you would sound off about forever? It’s like that again-except you have five trillion of them for the price of one.”

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  • M

    Martin FreemanMay 24, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    James Malin is a qt ?. Harharhar, trolol.

  • N

    Nigel ElleryMar 17, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    Fantastic article James! loved the numberwork!