ASL hosts 2nd annual event with QK


Student Council hosted their second annual ASL-Quintin Kynaston barbeque and basketball event on May 2. After school, around 100 students from both schools met on the playground for bonding activities such as Basketball. Julian Nebreda (’13) explained how this event, originated by former Student Council President Morganne Howell (’12), is primarily for bonding purposes. “The purpose of having an event like this is to form relationships with students at Quintin Kynaston. Any student from either school who left this event with a new friend would be very positive,” Nebreda said. Nebreda hosted the first annual event between the schools last spring and highlighted that there was an increase of participation this year. “If every year more students attend events such as this one, it will be a success.”

Student Council President Isabella Kelly (’14) was in charge of this year’s event, and knew that there would be a lot of work to do in order for it to be successful. “There was a lot of planning between the two councils [ASL’s and Quintin Kynaston’s]. We had to meet three or four times in order for to make sure that it would be enjoyable for everyone. Student participation was essential for this event, and it worked.” Kelly said. Kelly and the respective Quintin Kynaston committee have also spoken about other possible events taking place in the upcoming months, with a scavenger hunt potentially occurring before the end of the year, hosted primarily by Quintin Kynaston’s council. “Even though this event occurred at ASL, it was equally run by both councils. We would be honored to participate in an event on the campus of Quintin Kynaston and to keep this tradition between our schools going for many years to come,” Kelly said.