Moving on


After 26 years as a performing arts teacher, Keith Montgomery will retire from teaching music at the end of this year. For his next job he will continue to pursue his passion for education and music as the Executive Director for the Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS).

According to its website, AMIS is an organization that “promotes excellence in all levels of musical education”

Montgomery’s new position will include the responsibility of organizing and running the programs that ASL music groups attend every year. Each year the locations for these events vary. In the past students have attended AMIS events which have been held in Shanghai, China and Bucharest, Romania.

Montgomery has been involved with AMIS for over a decade and feels excited about his new opportunity. “This is an opportunity for me to  head an organization that I feel passionate about. I have been involved with AMIS since it was created and I have been on the board for ten years,” he said.

Upon reflection Montgomery described his time at ASL as being very enjoyable. “It’s been a series of ups and downs but mostly ups. Most of the time I loved being here,” he said. “I feel like I teach on the dream team.”