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Introducing the Student Council

Dear High School,

        I find myself writing to you today in order to explain to you the seriousness and the gravity of the fact that this year’s Student Council (StuCo) crew is going to be one to remember.

        I think that it is important to begin by talking about who the face of StuCo is this year.  I honestly could not think of two people who, together, form such an effective chief executive team than Celia Mitchell and Dariush Yazdanpanah.  Celia’s calm leadership and impeccable organizational skills (ever need advice on how to organize your Google Drive?  Celia is your girl) mesh perfectly with Daz’s enthusiasm, or as he would put it ‘enfusiasm,’ to bring forth change in the school and ensure that the voices of the students are heard.  And let me just say that his new Academic Committee that he has just started with Assistant Principal Karen Bothrone is likely to reap a wealth of changes in the high school this year.

        Our other senior reps are Tara Advaney who is our humble treasurer; Nicholas Wilson and Zack Ashley –  do they really need a description?

        The five junior representatives are Amin Ojjeh, who has happily taken charge of StuCo’s catering committee and is currently making headway with the great juice uproar that has taken place in the school and how it is related to the school’s new “health initiative.”  Emily Gossett, our incredibly energetic PR Officer, who has made it her mission this year to improve communications between the High School students and their Student Council.  Jack Neblett, the tallest member of StuCo, is very keen to make an impact on the Council this year and is incredibly loyal to his grade, the Class of 2016.  Isobel Sheil, like Neblett is looking to have a large impact on the school this year, but she also makes one killer batch of brownies.  The last of our Junior reps is Jed Alberts, our StuCo Secretary. His enthusiasm and passion for athletics has already, and will continue to prove helpful in making our school as athletically competitive as possible. If anyone wants to win ISSTs, it’s Jed Alberts.

        Five StuCo members also represent the sophomores, including Jordi Albanell, who has an incredible passion for student politics and wants nothing more than for StuCo to succeed this year.  Ariadne Letrou-Papamarkakis, who has begun discussions with Principal Jack Phillips and Director of Student Life James Perry, with myself, about alternatives and how they can be changed or improved in order to make them the best experience for students possible.  Ben Shields, who, like many of you, wants nothing more than to see this juice problem solved.  Ayla Mahmood, who brings a positivity to everything and anything StuCo related.  And lastly, myself, Andrew Skow, king of the hype and a StuCo member who wants nothing more than for elite athletics to be taken more seriously at the school.

        Our youngest class in the High School is represented by five freshmen and each one of them is determined to put their grade on the map. Charlie Victor, a comedic yet determined representative who I predict will have interesting ideas about unity in the High School. Andrea Nebreda, who is willing to take part in any way she can that will provide for the greater good of the High School.  Ayse Yucesan, who wants nothing more than to see this year’s freshman class have an important role in our high school community.  Lucas Pabarcius, a freshman, who – like me – likes to watch Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, and looks forward to a productive year in the Council.  And our last StuCo representative is Caitlin Welch, who I believe embodies all of the interests of the freshmen and desires to be a part of the council in anyway that she can and although she is small in size, her spirit more than makes up for that.

        So there you have it.  This year’s Student Council is here for your support and we want nothing more than to express your interests.  After all, we are the bridge between the sometimes very large gap between the student body and the administration.  If you remember one thing from what I have said here make sure it is this: We are here for the benefit of the students and no one else.

– Andrew Skow, Student Council Representative

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