StuCo Blog Entry #2

Dear Student body,

On behalf of the high school Student Council, I am attempting to inform you all on our most recent initiatives.

First off we’d like to say we are extremely excited with the way our Halloween assembly panned out. We appreciate all of your positive feedback and wish to continue to endeavor to provide you with events that you all will enjoy and appreciate. We also want to thank you all for showing up in the numbers that you did for the boys varsity soccer ISSTs. The support you showed was impeccable and we will be looking to continue to provide you with ways to manifest your spirit for our school’s athletic teams.

We have already started planning future events for you, including a few surprises for Thanksgiving, organized in tandem with Principal Jack Phillips. Looking further ahead, we are working on organizing a winter event that all students will want to attend and enjoy. We understand that the Winter Formal has largely been unsuccessful in the past in terms of attendance, so we are attempting to brainstorm new fun ideas for us to get together as a student body (ice skating anyone?).

However, this event is supposed to be for the whole student body, so, in our initiative to further include the student body in decision making, we will be looking to include your ideas, thoughts, and planning skills to help make this event as successful as possible. Feel free to approach any student representatives with ideas for this event. We also will be providing more formal mediums for you to have your voice heard in the planning stages of our winter get together.

On another exciting note, the Academic Committee, headed by our Vice President, Dariush Yazdanpanah (’15), will be meeting again with Assistant Principal Karen Bonthrone this Wednesday. We are already in discussion with her about increasing conformity within departments, the validity of AP classes, senior projects after AP’s have been taken and ways to increase the amount of field trips and experiential learning utilized in certain classes. I implore students to approach the members of this committee (Yazdanpanah, Jack Neblett (’16), Isobel Sheil (’16), Jordi Albanell (’17), Ayse Yusecan (’18) and myself, Zack Ashley (’15) with more ideas so we can use this council for what it was made for: To improve the academic experience of all students at ASL.

We are all extremely excited about these initiatives, but want to make sure you are too. The Student Council isn’t an exclusive club, at our core we are representatives for the student body, and we cannot stress enough that it is your opinion and approval that matters most when we implement these ideas.


Your student council

– Zack Ashley, Student Council Representative