Water main burst on Grove End Road

On November 18, a water main burst on Grove End Road causing the street to close, thus interrupting the school’s student transport.

The result of the burst will be the closing of Grove End Road for public vehicles between Finchley Road, Wellington Road and Abbey Road. Langford Place will remain open, due to a lack of water entering the road.

Transport Office Manager Alan Clarke elaborated on the situation. “The burst water main caused Grove End Road to be closed, which affected the bus access to Waverley Place,” he said. “The police kindly allowed our school buses to enter yesterday.”

No heavy consequences resulted from the burst as school was dismissed on time (at 3:05 p.m.) and buses were cleared to wait for students on Waverly Place.

The one impact of the burst on the school was that the supply of water to the school was hampered. The situation is currently being monitored, but after-school activities will continue as planned.

Grove End Road was closed overnight on Tuesday, as well as for part of Wednesday in order to fix the burst, but the school will remain open on Wednesday and run its regular schedule.