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Giving thanks

With homework pending, deadlines looming and tests overwhelming, a break from school could never be more welcome than right now. It is so easy to come home and see your life through a negative lens. But this holiday, it is not only a time to catch your breath, but also a time to look to others. It is Thanksgiving. Whether you are American or not, whether you love turkey or despise it, it is time to give thanks; use this opportunity to be thankful for all those who have supported and cared for you, and everything good that has happened to you, this year.

We, as an Editorial Board, know too well how easy it is to criticize and complain. However, we would like to reflect on what we are grateful for this year.

First and foremost, this Editorial Board is thankful for what the Student Council and Principal Jack Phillips have organized out of a previously inexistent Thanksgiving tradition at ASL. The Orange Staircase’s wall of gratitude showed a side of our school that we should all be proud of – whether or not we have received a card. The notecards made everyone have a wide smile on their face while they trudged their way to their next class. The high school is definitely not barren of gratitude and appreciation; it’s just that, so far, we have never had the platform to express it. A conference time filled with whipped cream and hot chocolate topped off what was a lovely experience for all of us.

Secondly, we are thankful for something that has come under a lot of debate and contention this year: Our community. Many times this year, students, faculty and administration alike have made it a point that we need to build community. And yes, perhaps we do, but it would be erroneous to suggest that no prevailing community exists. The support and attention our sports teams received both at ISSTs and at the ISSTs assembly is proof of a prevailing shared ownership. Both on the Friday afternoon off and the following Saturday morning, the boys varsity soccer team at Canons Park received the cheering, encouragement and excitement of their student peers, teachers and parents.

Another novel and equally exciting example of this was the staging of this year’s play A Light in the Dark to the entire student body. The decision to work the play into our daily schedule came under a bit of criticism at first, but it proved wonderful: Many students who had never enjoyed the drama department’s finesse finally witnessed it. Like we have heard many times this year, yes, we have a few problems to address, but the big picture is filled with student-athletes, student-actors, and students accomplishing all sorts of things supported by 500 adults and teenagers. We are thankful for the impeccable performance of our athletes and actors, and for the opportunity to support our peers in these endeavors.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, the sentiment of showing gratitude is one that can, and should, be shared by all. Whatever troubles we may have, it’s important we don’t take all of the luxuries and good experiences in our life for granted. It’s healthy every once in a while to simply take a step back, think about all the good things we have in our lives and be appreciative.

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