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It came to our attention as a Council, after sending out a survey to the student body, that we don’t do our best to inform the students of our progress of what goes on in Student Council (StuCo). Although we publish our minutes on the Student Council Haiku page weekly of what happens during meetings, and occasionally write blog posts, we collectively realized that this in itself is not enough. So, our future initiatives to you as a school is to frequently and prominently update you weekly on the business inside the walls of Student Council and to allow for ideas and suggestions from the student body.

Our first initiative in achieving this goal is to have blogs published on a weekly basis. Although we don’t always have a huge event in the process of planning, or a life changing project in the works, the weekly blogs will consist of different members of the Student Council and their current undertakings. As well, from these weekly blogs, we would like to make the first blog of every month, consist of each members current participation in the council (StuCo Shoutouts), and personal projects and goals, to not only give you insight on what the Student Council is working on, but also, to inform you who is working on what.

Another way we plan to enhance our communication with the student body, is to frequently update social media. The newly elected PR Officer, Ayla Mahmood, is working on creating a Student Council Snapchat, one of many social media outlets the Student Council will be updating and checking on a daily basis. If there are any new urgent updates, or new announcements, we will be sure to disseminate it through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (follow us!).

We also want to re-inforce on the fact that anyone can come to our Friday meetings to get a face to face update on the current workings of the Student Council, regardless to if you are a grade representative on the council or not.  Attending meetings allows for you to work on projects with the student council and even lead events or projects just as a grade representative would. The only thing non representatives are not allowed to do is participate in voting for amendments to the constitution of the council, or in the election process of officers. For more information about how you can be apart of the initiatives taken by the council or about how you can voice more of your ideas, check out our haiku page, or contact one of your grade representatives. Grade representatives will also be giving you a first look at upcoming events and projects at the end of every class meeting, and allow for you (the students) to ask questions or give feedback so you don’t have to come to a meeting or even approach a representative for your ideas to be heard.

Our current projects in the works include a Spring event for the whole high school, which will most likely be a End-Of-School Banger (similar to the Back-To-School Bash), the up and coming underclassmen event, now called ‘Jiggle’, as well as our continuous meetings and effort by the Junior reps to bring back our beloved juice. There are also multiple more small tasks being conducted at the moment, such as putting tissue boxes in every classroom, and making sure the clocks are all in sync.

We hope you understand that everything takes time and precise planning, whether it’s a massive event, or even just decorating Top-O. We as your council however are to the best of our ability, working to make this school a better place, and taking all of your very helpful suggestions from the survey as well as from students directly into account. Overall, thank you for all your positive and constructive comments, and we hope to adhere to all of your wonderful ideas!

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