NHS Volunteering and Teaching Experiences

    NHS Volunteering and Teaching Experiences

    Volunteering and Tutoring Experience: NHS Standard Blog

    Recently the NHS asked for volunteers to help out at Spring Fest, which was a fun day for the entire community. With high-school sports, barbeque, and bouncy-castles, there was something for everyone to do. I had a great time supervising the bouncy-castles with other NHS volunteers. It was a good way for us, as high school students, to interact with younger ASL kids, and everyone was having fun. While the kids were waiting in line to go in, you could talk to them about their face paint or what games they had seen that day. Everyone was enjoying themselves and the kids were excited to talk to us. This is the first time since I have been here that I got to interact with the younger students at ASL and I am so happy that I got to do so.

    • Lucy Webb

    I had a really good experience being an NHS tutor this year. During my free period, I helped a student catch up on his AP Physics homework by explaining concepts or guiding him in the right direction for a homework problem. We also reviewed for tests and quizzes. This was not only helpful to him, but also beneficial to my understanding of the course. It was very fun, laid back, and also nice to get to know the student better.

    • Emma Abele

    When I told one of my students that I tutor by choice, she was puzzled. “Why would you want to do this?” she questioned. I explained to her how I innately found teaching others to be rewarding. Every time I helped someone solve a problem he or she was stuck on, or understand a concept that he or she was stumped by, I felt a sense of fulfillment. That “ohhhh” moment of realization was priceless because it was a tangible representation of the impact of my work. In other words, I could see how I was making a difference right before my eyes.

    • Matthew Castello

    Being part of the NHS, I have taken advantage of a few of the volunteering opportunities offered for members. Firstly, I volunteered at the OAP tea and concert earlier this year. I greatly enjoyed walking around with tea serving the OAPs and being able to sit down and chat with them. They were so grateful for the event and our service to them. I also volunteered at the math competition, where I got to meet many of the competitors from a variety of different schools and direct them around ASL during their scavenger hunt. I, along with the other volunteers, was able to speak to and get to know a lot of the members of the competition even though we weren’t directly a part of it, which I really enjoyed. The third and final event that I volunteered for with the NHS was the book sale. I sold various AP, SAT, and ACT books at top orange during the two weeks before AP exams. Volunteering with the NHS has given me many opportunities to help our school. Although I may not be making a large impact, I feel as if NHS has given me the opportunity to give up only a small amount of time in order to benefit the school or its events.  

    • Lila Wolfson


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